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Memoria The Dark Eye: Memoria tells the tale of princess Sadja of the faraway-land of Fasar, who once ventured into war to fight demons in the Gorian Desert. Her goal - to become the greatest hero of all time - was foiled under mysterious circumstances. Something had occurred, the girl disappeared and her tale was eventually forgotten. Five centuries pass, until one day Geron, a young bird catcher, meets a traveling merchant named Fahi in his native forest. This merchant promises to turn Gerons girlfriend Nuri, who has been transformed into a Raven, back into human form. But this favor comes at a price: Geron has to finally solve the mystery of Sadja's fate. He agrees without hesitation - knowing that this will trigger a chain of events that will soon cast a shadow on his homeland and turn his present into a dark image of its long forgotten past...
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2023
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daedalic Entertainment
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Memoria reviews ( 7 )

rkeerthi, Sep 10, 2013

I've played almost all of Daedelic's lovely adventure games and this is the first that didn't feel at all like a homage to the genre. Instead, it is a work of gaming fiction and design that stands alone on its own merits, weaving a beautiful, haunting tale (with several lovely twists) with fairly seamless, reasonably logical puzzles. While the art is beautiful, the voice acting (in English) could do with some polish, but these are trivial points when considering the breadth and depth of this game. I would generally agree with others that the characters could have been built up more in order to truly reinforce the narrative and its twists, but given the number of key characters (three, effectively), it was always going to be a big ask. Still, overall, excellently done, and here's hoping for another entry in the series in the near future.

hellznrg, Jul 7, 2014

Daedalic is awesome.. now my favourite game company!!! Following in Sierra's footsteps! Memoria is an excellent game with a great story.. Puzzles aren't too difficult and fairly logical most of the time. Memorable characters, great artwork, etc... loved it!!!

Fuz, Apr 28, 2014

I'm not a big fan of Daedalic, but this one is an amazing adventure. Very captivating story with some nice twists, interesting characters, great puzzles, fantastic art. The only downsides are the subpar animations and the bad voice acting. But they're small flaws, and all things considered, the game is great. It's recommended to play Chains of Satinav before this, but it's not necessary.

Zahrada, Mar 26, 2014

This is a fairly solid game, very well made and fun to play. Me and my girlfriend have spent an entire weekend playing it and we had a blast. Pretty much everything about this game is amazing. There are one or two weaker chapters, some of the voice-acting could have been a bit better, but overall - money well spent. This is edfinitely one of the games that make you feel like if you have just finished reading a beautiful fantasy novel. Good job.

akarnokd, Sep 8, 2013

I've enjoyed it quite a bit. The story is good, the visuals acceptable. The puzzles are more logical than in the Night of the Rabbit, but still I had to check a guide from time to time.

malcolmm, Mar 12, 2014

I really like the first game in this series and given the high reviews other people have given this game I had high hopes for the sequel. I'm about half way through the third chapter and unfortunately I'm having a really hard time struggling to continue playing the game. Not up to Daedalic's usual high standards, it's almost as if the game was developed by a different team. When I got to the large, frustrating and boring maze in the third chapter I knew this game probably isn't worth playing. Why to game designers continue to include mazes in adventure games? A few other puzzles are also ridiculous. I don't remember this being a problem in the first game.

serramist98, Aug 30, 2013

Well, not sure what to think on this one, wasn't able to complete the game because I could not deal with the sub-par voice acting. Overall, 4/10 would not recommend...