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Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Men of War: Assault Squad 2 features new single player style skirmish modes that take players from extreme tank combat to deadly sniper stealth missions.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1746
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Military, General
Company / Developer
1C , 1C Company / 1C, 1C Company

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 reviews ( 7 )

laser50, Jun 5, 2014

While in it's graphical form, there hasn't been * a lot* of chance. The engine has been mostly reworked to improve the quality gameplay it has to offer. When looking at SP. You're doing it wrong. Multi Player is one of the better things out there. And you'll find it a tonne more amusing.

Jason71, Feb 9, 2016

Men of war 2 รจ il miglior titolo di questo genere su piazza, ben superiore ai vari Company of Heroes e giochi del genere, quasi una simulazione del campo di Battaglia. Io preferisco giocarlo in Single Player, con le sue tantissime MOD, GSM su tutte e sono arrivato oramai a 1.600 ore di gioco.

HDhack3r, Jul 7, 2014

First off, this game is best described as a simulation RTS. The gameplay is so detailed you can edit individual soldier's inventories and pick up ammo/supplies from fallen friends of foes. Tanks have fuel, and they can get stuck. You can shoot the tracks off a tank, or you can shoot right through it with a Pak anti-tank gun. The realism is really what separates this game from other RTS's, such as Company of Heroes. In COH, it takes about 5-6 shots to kill a single guys at point-blank range. In MOW, it takes 1-2 shots. However, this game requires CONSTANT micro-management. You cannot send your troops to a position then forget about them. You need to manually put them in prone, crouched, and standing position. You manually must tell them to throw a grenade. With all the mm, it is very hard to manage multiple units. As a WW2 simulation, this is the closest to reality you can get right now. As an RTS, it is painstakingly tedious to manage every one of your units, it truly is a burden. If you want to truly experience commanding war in a game, this is a great game, But if you want to send about a squad and forget about them, they will die and you will lose. Your units have no AI on their own and can't really do anything for themselves. It is really up to you everything they do. The micro-management is the worst part about this game, but it's realistic features still make it an amazing RTS that I recommend to hardcore strategy and war game fans.

Pinchy, Jun 20, 2014

A mediocre patch for Assault Squad labelled as a sequel. It was quite obvious from the start given how little change there was announced. No improvements to skirmish at all, most of the updates are geared towards pvp and leaderboards. If you are looking for a game against AI, don't bother all they did was rehash the old maps and game modes and and nothing meaningful to the game at all, the same pathetically limited set of units in player versus AI mode. This game has the biggest unit selection of any RTS and they are all locked behind badly design game modes and the "realism" excuse, no sandbox.

majinkai, Jun 28, 2014

I have been extremely disappointed in the unprofessional and, in my opinion, very underhanded treatment of the purchasers of Digital Mind Soft's (DMS) Assault Squad 2 (AS2). The game had been advertised as a pre-order for a sequel to their first Assault Squad game with a lot of promised features. Myself and many other players purchased this pre-order under the assumption that DMS intended to meet this expectation. In order to be brief, DMS has fallen very short of their advertisement. They even went as far to change their game type from pre-order to "Early Access" when they failed to meet their release date twice. Suffice to say, we the customers are very upset and wish to share our disgust. The developers at DMS have chosen to bring on a community manager who makes it his business to completely remove any/all comments posted which even hints at disappointment in their decision to change the game to being "Early Access" at the last second. They have even began censoring all comments, reviews, or chat, that expresses any dissatisfaction in their product at all! Please take an administrative interest in the AS2 Steam forum. Like I said, many customers like myself feel that it is completely unethical for DMS to exercise this level of censorship. We are justified in being dissatisfied and have an obligation to voice this dissatisfaction to deter DMS from completely ostracizing the AS2 community. DMS is clearly showing a complete lack in ability to plan and execute the launch of their new product, including proper risk mitigation. It's a wonder that 1C can continue to support their fly-by-night software development practices. This game barely has all the features that the first game had and is extremely glitchy and unplayable. Stay away, you've been warned.

RelicRuined, May 26, 2014

This game deserve to be called Assault Squad 1.5. The voice acting is still horrible, the AI, the explosions are the same as in AS1, which are bad. Graphics are the same, the performance is garbage too. This is so embarrassing, i dont even know how the developers can sleep after releasing such a piece of *** and they are asking $30 for it. They have no talent for videogames.

OttoVonBrak, Jul 8, 2015

The game has been transformed in some kind of test ape for DMS future product: Call of Arms. Features, which have little or no benefit for MOW, are rushed in a pre-alpha status and they have completely broken the game. Many people can not start the game, most of the people are suffering frequently crashes. Finishing a 2v2+ game is impossible because of an apparantly unfixable out of sync error. After one year from release the game fundamentals, like stability and lag, are still broken and nothing let us think they will be fixed. I waited one year in the hope that items for which the game was sold would be fixed. But this is the status today: - steam integration (to start the game you have to deactivate steam overlay) - improved graphics ( maybe a little on some machine) - steam multiplayer (lags as hell) - matchmaking (does not connect and if it does it does not match) Half of the veteran community has been life banned on the forum for reporting problems. In the meantime DMS has abandoned the game, without fixing any issue and is focusing on Call to Arms.