Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Crack/Patch

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Metal Gear Solid Rising makes its way to the PC and features Raiden as a playable character.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6628
Genre Action, Action Adventure, Shooter, General, Modern, Third-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
Konami / PlatinumGames

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance reviews ( 7 )

UndeadZero, Jan 9, 2014

This game was awesome especially for the price. I wont go too far into it but i really enjoyed it. Fun game play, great graphics, and something different than all the other games I've been playing lately. 23 bucks for this gem? I'm all over it.

davidpiksi, Mar 3, 2014

The PC port is one of the best I've seen, with fully customizable zangeki options and amazing graphics. The only thing that bothered me was the camera which is sometimes pulled in too close to Raiden.

mondesigns, Jan 31, 2014

It was better than expected. Loved playing ninja robot. Now hoping that future series will also debut on pc also or even the old ones. Game length is bit short though.

Aeonia, Mar 24, 2014

The game was very well optimized for PC..Gameplay was fluid with very little frame rate issues. Combat was very well done for a hack and slash title, exciting and never gets boring. The storyline was not so convincing but OK. Boss fights are the worst!..really..Graphics are top notch even on 768p laptops.

metroidgames, Jan 15, 2014

Para os usuários de PC que possuem poucas ofertas de jogos no estilo Hack 'n Slash está aí um ótimo título. O jogo é muito bom, com uma jogabilidade excelente. Nada de muito complicado. Uma boa variedade de ataques e combos. Os combates são muito bons, com uma variedade boa de inimigos com táticas diferentes para derrotar cada um. Os gráficos do jogo são bons, ainda mais se levado em consideração que o jogo foi feito para console e daí lançado no PC (geralmente quando isso ocorre os gráficos não ficam bons no PC). No meu caso não houve quedas bruscas de FPS, rodando a 60 FPS na resolução em Full HD (1080p) e com a configuração no máximo. Os filtros presentes no jogo são bons, com um bom antialising, a filtragem de textura deixa o jogo ainda mais bonito e com boas sombras durante o jogo. A história do jogo também é interessante, confesso que não muito empolgante, mas inda sim boa. A história ocorre de forma linear, e à medida que avançamos na histórias novos elementos vão aparecendo explicando um pouco das coisas. No entanto o jogo não é tudo maravilha, e umas das coisas que mais atrapalha são os combates, na verdade a frequência dos combates, que chega a enjoar um pouco. Por fim, levando em consideração o preço do jogo, é um ótimo custo benefício. Vale a pena ter esse jogo e recomendo ele para os usuários de PC.

smilzoboboz, Jan 12, 2015

Really nice hack and slash focused entirely on pure combat with one of the smartest combat techniques I ever seen (blade slashing mode). In this game you slash foes without thinking too much or having to solve useless puzzles to get through the levels. Graphic is awesome and the programmers managed to get a lot of polygons where needed, and almost none where no one cares, totally appreciated that because this game never ever drops fps. Music is nice, you get a lot of electro-ambient music running around and pop-rock music on boss fights (I have to say I don't like that kind of music, but since boss fights are not hours long it doesn't hurt much) Plot is good, of course nothing new: the bad guys against the children + the world, the good guys trying to save them + the world, but it was at least enjoyable. Gameplay is fantastic, you have the classic slashing around, parries (not really a good button combination for those, a guard button was probably better than light attack one) and a blade slashing mode that works slowing time a lot and letting you MANUALLY slash things (having the slashed object cut exactly where you aim). I felt like Goemon with that one. Difficulty seemed quite fair. I have to say I'm not used to the semi-interactive cinematic system (press button X, now button Y, spam button Z, etc) and so I had hard time with bosses for like 5 minutes at 0,1% while failing the semi-automated cinematics instructions... About flaws, I think there are just two quite noticeable: the replenishing mechanic should have been far less than FULL replenishment (this quite often makes things too easy) and the camera movement is awful with a mouse (default keybindings are instead "acceptable"). So, well, the camera is fine if you have a controller since it's a 100% port from console versions (DLCs included) but controlling the camera with a mouse is just not possible at 100% effectiveness. Your mouse works like an analogic lever (which is not) and thus the erratic camera movement with mice. Anyway it was good overall. So let's say totally recommended if you have a gamepad, not so much if you've not and you're not that much an hack and slash fan.

arislaf, Jun 8, 2016

Don't buy this game. Controls sucks long time, scenario is boring, too much cut-scenes, fighting is boring, graphics are not so good, music is boring, generally it is a mix up of dmc, with prince of persia, written by a 10 years old boy. Sure it is a Japanese hack n slash, but from the worst ever.