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Metal Gear Survive Metal Gear Survive picks up from the ending of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES, to an alternate timeline caused by unexplained wormholes forming in the sky.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2313
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Konami / Konami

Metal Gear Survive reviews ( 4 )

Sentinel82, Feb 22, 2018

It's a Metal Gear spin-off, and it's surprisingly good from my experiences up to this point. If you are into a somewhat demanding survival experience with a Metal Gear base to it, this is for you. It's a fun game on it's own. Will that change the fact many have a vendetta against the game? Nah. Fun co-op though, too.

Natan455, Feb 21, 2018

It looks great and i know this is a spin off of the Metal Gear Solid V, but its just MGS V with zombies and aspect of trying to survive like another zombie-survival game. Don't auto diss and just try it yourself.

Ravarath, Feb 24, 2018

So how do I put it... This game is a combination of zombie survival and tactical espionage engine FOX but It makes no sense to mix those two together. We don't need stealth in zombie game especially not in TOWER DEFENSE type of gameplay. Survival means there is not much ammo so they patch in a really basic and crude melee combat system that doesn't do any good, what's worse our character becomes hungry every 5-10 minutes and each time there is an annoying warning that pops up. Crafting and actually this whole game reminds me of game Dead Island just in TPP. Graphics - for FOX sake this is FOX engine it will look good right? Music and voice acting - same music, reused from previous games, voice acting (and writing) is horrible specially AIs are voiced terribly. Multiplayer - Tower Defense with zombies and 5 different maps. Repetitive. But if you liked Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (which I did) you might find it amusing for some time. Overall average/below average survival game that has no requirement in stealth whatsoever = 4/10 BONUS POINTS - 2 for "10 dollars for another save slot" and other horrendous microtransactions - 1 for Metal Gear tag on it (seriously what the fox guys...?) Final verdict 1/10

xcoders, Feb 27, 2018

I hope Kojima is laughing because this is not only the worst mgs game but the worst game ever, period, glad I'm here to watch Konami going down in flames, they deserve nothing more and nothing less.