Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Crack/Patch

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Experience history at the controls of historic aircraft, such as Charles Lindbergh's Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis, the Douglas DC-3 and the world's first successful powered aircraft, the Wright Flyer. New engaging features such as interactive multimedia provide a wealth of historical information on the planes that shaped aviation history and the pilots who flew them. Informed and insightful articles explain all there is to know about Microsoft's Flight Simulator and the 24 aircraft included in the software. A Century of Flight also introduces an updated, dynamic weather system, enhanced automatically generated scenery (AutoGen) and detailed visual effects, improved Air Traffic Control functions, and 3D interactive cockpits, as well as 15 modern aircraft, including the Beechcraft Baron and the Robinson R22 helicopter. [Microsoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 849
Genre Simulation, Flight, Civilian Plane, Civilian
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight reviews ( 5 )

AceMan, Feb 2, 2004

This aamazing game to but i know that brand new it is about £50 but i took a trip to Dixons and bought it for an amazing £25 (it was the last one, but it was 1st hand!) This games is worth £50 anyway, the way that you can try to atempt the first flight with any engine "The Wright Brothers"!, or take a masive trip into a boeing 777-300 or a 747-400! In any plane or glider you will have the most fun in your flying live time! Thank You Ace Man

JoeB., Sep 2, 2004

I think Michael C & Larry W fall from the same tree, 60$ for this game is too little but if you're cheap & lack I.Q this might be steep, & as for putting the cd in the cd rom each time is a strenuous job, you should get out & exercise, instead of being a "dumb American pig" this game is much better than FS2002. The graphics are fantastic & the realism is incredible. I am ready to go out & fly a plane on my own! Well not really. Peace!

EchoingHell, Nov 18, 2011

By far the best flight simulation software I have experienced. In the time this was programmed, I had very little knowledge that this would be the "game" (using the term very loosely) that made me want to become a pilot. However, despite it's gleaming report from me, there are some downsides. Due to its age, many super-realistic add-ons for the MSFS series only work on FSX which is a shame. But, even then, the add-ons that have been produced are of superb quality, significantly adding to the overall flight simulation experience. In spite of that, the lack of proper surround sound (without modifications) does slightly ruin it but the simulator gets a respectable and deserving 10.

MattR., Aug 12, 2003

So let me get this straight, "Larry W": you are so lazy that you prefer playing a 2 year old game over the new (and better) version because you need to put in the CD? Poor baby!

ErikL., Sep 30, 2003

Compared to flights simulater 2002 there is more graphical details in 2004's version. In addition i like the addition of the piper having a 360 degree look around the cabin. But i rate this game as a 8 becuase i am disappointed that they didn't put more airplanes onto the program. I think if they had about 50 to 75 more varieties the game wouldn't get as old as fast. I love to fly, but as a greenhorne pilot i am moody as to what i am flying. But overall i would recommend this game to everyone, a easy and safe way to learn how to fly.