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Microsoft Flight Simulator X From award winning game developer ACES comes Flight Simulator X. The latest installment will include the usual genre leading realism that continues to awe real pilots and will serve as the graphical benchmark for games on Windows Vista. Additionally, Flight Simulator X will deliver for the first time structured game play with more than 55 missions to choose from which will test the skills of players of all levels. [Microsoft]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1299
Genre Simulation, Flight, Modern Jet, Combat
Players 32 Online
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft Flight Simulator X reviews ( 6 )

Makorov, Jul 30, 2012

Its An amazing game so realistic and generally fun to play, unlike most simulators! The planes graphics are more than satisfactory, even on a low end computer. The game has a wide range of places to go 24,000 airports in total. Great fun, no manual but I worked out the buttons. The game is really realistic and is actually used by pilots. I have had it for about a year now and I reckon I could fly a plane now I know where all the buttons are

Freetochoos, Feb 11, 2013

It is a brilliant game since its not a game, it's a simulator. That is what makes it good. It is actually so realistic you can train on it; at least practice on it.

diesel, Sep 22, 2011

This is a high fidelity flight simulator capable of so many countless features. While FSX does require higher-end hardware to run smoothly, it renders a very realistic flight simulation experience. Difficulty settings can define weather it is a game or a simulation, as the realistic settings options requires sound knowledge of real world working aircraft and their systems, as well as very realistic flight dynamics and handling. Even on the easiest difficulty settings however, basic light knowledge is needed to successfully take-off, climb, cruise, descend and land. Knowing how to configure the simulated aircraft for all flight stages is definitley needed if you dont always want to end flight with a crash; in that aspect, it is not a "game" flight system. The software itself can be tweaked quite a bit to adjust many different aspect of the simulator, including professional-grade addon aircraft, highly detailed scenery, upto 19m LOD terrain, real-world dynamic complex weather systems; the possibilities are nearly endless with addons and tweaks. Package software provides many Missions to complete for progress-based gamers, as well as a Free Flight option, allowing you to fly and log flights of your choice, at anytime, in any aircraft provided, anywhere in the world. This software does not benefit from SLI or Crossfire configurations to any notable advantage. It does however, require a significant amount of system resources and video memory to run smoothly at Maxed graphics settings. At least 4GB RAM, Minimum 512MB video and Intel i7 and above are my recommended hardware requirements. Systems less can run this, but with stuttered FPS on medium settings, or all settings low for lower end machines.

StephenG., Oct 24, 2006

This games' graphics is awesome, it's capabilities are well beyond FS2004 but beware a very high spec computer is required for best graphics (eg. 4.2ghez cpu or 2ghez dual,1gb of video ram and 2gb of drr ram

Frosti, Sep 30, 2012

The best training program for pilots, even though it's not like the real aviation at all. With payware add-ons you can go through Standard Operational Procedures that are very realistic, but they are very expensive. I bought this game when it was released and back then I didn't know a single bean about aviation even though I am very interested, but through the years this has developed my knowledge. What i don't like about the game is for an example the requirements, 15GB of space and grows to 40GB when you get a few addons. And the RAM it takes makes no sense, while FS9 runs very smoothly and takes only 3-5GB and uses less than 500MB's of RAM, I am very much making videos with FSX, and i'm very unhappy about that i have to play in 20% when recording so it will be smooth when i'll speed it up. FS9 is still the best simulator in my opinion, and the addons for that game are much better. But I like FSX much and the 10 pounds were well worth it, but fs9 is better.

777787, Feb 22, 2017

Great Flight Simulator In Free Flight, But When I try to land in a mission, it shows that I crashed! :( ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________