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Microsoft Flight Microsoft Flight brings the thrill and wonder of flying to beginners and PC pilots alike through missions, daily challenges, and the ability to explore the skies above gorgeous representations of real world environments in accurately rendered aircraft. The initial experience is free to play and will continually evolve with new terrain, aircraft, and challenges that can be purchased as additional content.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1579
Genre Simulation, Flight, Modern Jet, Combat
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Microsoft Game Studios

Microsoft Flight reviews ( 7 )

Daviator, Apr 8, 2012

So I give this game a 8... Plus 2 Points because of all the people who misunderstand it ;) It's called "Flight" and not "MS Flight Simulator" for a reason. This is a causal flight arcade/simulation mash up. It is for all the non hardcore flight simpletons light me who want to fly around a bit without all the simulation stuff. But I understand why the simulator community is pissed, it has been too long since the last proper MS simulation. Oh and Flight is free 2 play so just dl and see for yourself =)

Alan250, Apr 12, 2012

People are rating this low because the game is free to play then requires money to buy more content. Well, thats why its free to play, why you don't rate the game instead? i'm rating this game 7 becasue: the game has a very good flying feel, nice soundtrack, you can learn how to do simple tasks like taxiing and taking off and stuff. However, its way too limited to who don't wanna pay AND the ground scenery is awefully poor. lack of missions is a issue as well.

andrew2343, Mar 10, 2013

3 for the effort, 2 for the game itself and 0 for microsoft having canceled flight simulator x to do this piece of poo. for arcade fans, i recommend crimson skies, and for flight simulator fans, i recommend flight simulator X or flight simulator 2004.

Aquila, Apr 13, 2012

Its a fun thing to have a mash up between sim and arcade flying, also tutorials are fun. But this game is not very big its like a big demo. You get 2 planes 1 island. A few tutorial missions, a few challenges your done with that fast enough. Aerocashes are a good idea but poorly developed, you seen them all fast and when you log off they aren't saved so you must always start with the first one Honolii Cove. The planes design could be a lot better, especially with the p51 Mustang which I bought its turning rate, turning speed, and handling is not good at all. To be short about the DLC part, lots of money for what you get in return. I am tired of the expansive DLC rip-off hype under companies. Can't give a high grade because of the price-content ratio is very low. Else this game deserves a higher grade. Companies should look to innovation of fun gaming instead to their wallet. In the 90s and 00s you bought a big game and you get something in return, from MFS98 to MFSX: big content, very detailed, lots of planes and so on(yes ok they are more real sims and not arcady but that's not my point here). MS Flight is Free2Play but if you download all DLC and look what you have its WAY more expansive in comparison with the earlier Flight sims from MS. So lookout.

lucidanarchy, May 27, 2012

At first I was quite interested with the title, but after discovering the control system I was not happy. I don't think this type of game will ever be that interesting until the ability to fly is coupled with awesome scenic views.

The-S, May 28, 2012

Flight is basically an impoved FSX but only in Hawai'i. While it is free to download and play, the "game" doesn't quite have its own identity. Is it a flight sim? Is it a MMO with airplanes? Graphics are better than default FSX, but not better than almost every "A" PC game title today. One thing I do know: It's not appealing enough for its target audience. MS wants millions to buy their DLC, but I'm pretty sure that will not be happening based on the game being a hybrid genre. In 2012 it is an insult to release airplanes with no **** Think about that. A Flight sim or game with airplanes and no ****.. The only game I can compare that to is PilotWings and the Nintendo offering is far more fun. Afterall, there is no ambiguity as to what PilotWings is. Graphically better than default FSX. Replyablility? If you like doing "jobs" (sort of like random repeatable quests) then you might call this category average. Fun? That depends on you, but if you are approaching this as a flight sim fan there is none of the following: ATC, AI traffic, airliners, or autopilot. This game appeals to GA "low and slow" but even then there is only Hawai'i to fly in so that has to get boring quickly. Alaska DLC scenery has been announced, but no release date as of this writing. The game is relying on people to purchase DLC by the droves. In this endeavour, IMO, MS has chosen poorly. Since the game is free there is no risk to DL it, but don't expect it to blow you away.

SamLink, Apr 21, 2012

Terrible! They should just stick to 'ACTUAL' simulation! I didnt learn anything of flying an aircraft from this waste of space!!! I can nearly the same stuff in this in GTA SA, which is anytime better!! Long Live F S X!!