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Might & Magic: Chess Royale Discover the first massive real-time 100 players autobattler. Fight 99 other players on a real-time chess battlefield and be the last hero standing! Re-discover classic units and heroes from the Might & Magic high-fantasy universe and create deep strategies in ten-minute competition. WhoDiscover the first massive real-time 100 players autobattler. Fight 99 other players on a real-time chess battlefield and be the last hero standing! Re-discover classic units and heroes from the Might & Magic high-fantasy universe and create deep strategies in ten-minute competition. Who will win the Chess Royale? … Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 48
Genre Strategy, Miscellaneous, Turn-Based, Board / Card Game, Tactics
Players Up to more than 64
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft
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Might & Magic: Chess Royale reviews ( 6 )

Gplgr, May8, 2020

I have tried most auto battlers but this one is really different. I play two days and got 1760 points. each win or let's say top 15 is like 30 to 25 points . So I played a lot for two days. It is fast,it is versatile because of the spell system that change every 24 hour I think maybe less. It changes the whole concept of the game with the spells and depending the spells you might play rush lvling or play low lvling or play more melee cause they give block etc.It lucks the elements of dota underlies that you can change the board or interact with the board and have small prizes but the gameplay is so fun! Try it out you will like it! I give 9 cause small prizes and no way of interacting with board etc.

imabser, Mar 24, 2020

tl;dr 7/10 it's lots of fun and needs no tutorial to get into it and has no microtransactions, but suffers from lack of progression. The best autochess game out of the lot to get into if you are new to the genre hands down. ____________________________________________ I have tried dota 2 autochess and League of legends autochess and the one thing that turned me off from those games is the personal level with how few players there were in a match and how long it takes to go through a match as well as the hefty complexity and learning curve. Losing sucks in those games, you just get pounded repeatedly for 10 minutes with no leeway if you suck or are just starting. You have to consult online guides and do research to even stand a chance. In chess royale, there's a 100 people and you're bound to be better than most of them. If you have any kind of familiarity with autochess this game needs no tutorial and has lots of quality of life features that make the gameplay flow easily, like showing openly and easily what synergies with what and alerting you clearly what units you already have on the buy menu so you can buy them for later combining. On the downside there's little or no progression in this game, you can unlock avatars, autochat phrases, and avatar borders and that's it... Nothing else really to work towards besides being number 1 in each match or getting involved with the leaderboards which appear to have no baring on skill but rather how much you play. The games go quick, with an early loss being around 5-10minutes and at 10 minutes being when 50 players are normally left and with 15+ minutes if you manage to get in the top 5. My favorite thing about this game is the fact that you can play and learn as you go, a huge turn off for me is when you have to do research to play a game, a little hypocritical since i play dwarf fortress, but most people don't have time or want to spend time learning how to play a game. Being able to learn the game and create your own meta as you go along the way is a truly special thing in online games that you see rarely nowadays and only if you are one of the first players. Normally hours after a game has released the perfect meta and way you should play the game has already been figured out by other players and you just feel like a chump not playing the meta. In other words, due to there being 100 players even in your first few matches you have a great chance of getting in the top 50 where as in other autochess games the other 7 or so players will just scrub the floor with you mercilessly. Anyways 7/10 I'd give this a 8/10 but it is on the Uplay launcher and im not dissing the Uplay launcher just cause it's not steam, I'm dissing it because the playerbase will be smaller because they won't bring it to steam. From what i've seen though it is on mobile so hopefully that will sustain it. All in all lots of fun.

Flemat, Jul 29, 2020

After a week of play, here is the ONE major, fundamental problem with this game (speaking from experience, had played many similar auto chess games before): The game overall is nice, champions are kinda balanced. HOWEVER after a certain point... When I started playing, my 1st 3 or so games were trash (was forced to push the fight button). Then after I got the chance to read the champions and synergies, I came up with my comp, and with some luck, I quite often was able to execute it and got many 1st places in a row (mostly were AI a max of 5 people in 1 game i ever met, but usually 1-3). Then after some questing, farming, and some heroes leveling, and saving up 750 crystals, I was finally able to open my first SCARLET CHEST (best worth/value in my opinion). The problems came from THIS point onward. After opening the scarlet chest, were I also received my first purple(epic) tier hero btw., the game started to throw insanely overpowered AI-s at me. Where my heroes had 10-20 stats, their heroes had 20-30 with already active abilities. From this point onward ...it was NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE: - To do any quests (aka. farm) that required to win with my low lv. hero vs ANY of the AI heroes; - To place in top 50 were as before was always top 5 - To actually play. AI will dominate you, and as for players: ONE, there are SO few, its not even worth mentioning that you will be able to beat them, since the chances that you will fight a player instead of an AI is minimal, and TWO the enemy player will be minimum 1 tier above you (on tier 3, i faced 4 sometimes 5 enemies). This basically means: ALL the other AI and ENEMY players, MIGHT have have a 10% damage, and WILL have a MINIMUM of 50% up to what I have seen a 90% HP bonus. So even if you have better synergies or even a higher tier cost/unit with higher base stats I was beaten. For example (last unit fights) MY silver 2 star gnoll lost vs a 1 star gnoll; OR my 1 star Behemoth lost to a 1 star ghost; etc... Conclusion: Do not play good, in fact lose intentionally; DO NOT OPEN CHESTS EARLY (do not progress), or you kinda **** yourself. So then I have to ask the question, how is this fun?! Its so scripted, it hurts! PS: If you need to avoid opening chests early to NOT **** yourself, that means there is ABSOLUTELY no point in buying anything for cash, in fact you might just screw yourself even more, which will end in a "i need to spend more, to be able to keep up" endless loop I think. Who knows, maybe that was UBISOFT's plan. I wasn't intending to use the shop anyways, since buying coins already seemed POINTLESS. Crystals on the other hand...oh boy. Your call if you want to pump a LOT of money in it, so you can be the top of the slot machine. But be warned. If I (UPLAYER) will press the + button, you might face 90+ or so angry AI-s who will kill you, so GIVE ME MORE $$$!!! Yours: A "I will very soon uninstall this garbo" player. Score: 2/10 Solid mechanics, true to the might and magic lore, well balanced units. Game breaking AI/matchmaking balance; unplayable after 20-30 matches / your first early scarlet chest opening. Had a solid 2 days worth of fun, and 5-6 days of misery hence 2/10 and not any higher even with all the pros, the cons is just TOO GREAT! RIP Back to HoMM 3 ^^

Foshu, Jul 17, 2020

I have played several different auto chess games, and I have yet to play an auto chess, so unbalanced and ridiculously one sided as this one. While the units and synergies are fun, the hero leveling, makes it so unbalanced, that even after the introduction, you are at such an unfair advantage, that you have almost no chance to win a single round. The game have a massive pay-to-win in-game store, where you can buy your way to almost an 100% win rate, so you don't even have to try, in order for you to win every game.

Deceive, Jun8, 2020

It was interesting game from the start, but after ~10 battles you will face with high level heroes who casts spells like '100% crit chance for 6 seconds' and you loose. The only way to level up your heroes is to buy (get) chests. Pay-to-win.

Mr-Socrates, Jun 11, 2020

Worst game I have ever played. It's crashing, bugged and unplayable for more than 15 days after Heroes Refunded patch while the Devs are still hyper-pozitive in talking about fixes. It offers random chests for 55 USD and except money, it offers minimal progression and even punishes people for not being top 6 out of 100. Exactly the opposite of what legendary Might & Magic IP stood for. Employ John Van Caneghem and do it his way or at least do games that are playable, I had sessions with 4 game crashes out of 5, similarly as others. In any case, I want my money back, the game is not playable and the real reason behind the update v2.0 was to get money before the game is dead. The real code name for this operation was “Heroes Refunded” not Heroes Reborn. Worst Might and Magic game I played.