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MilitAnt Militant packs rich stylized insect worlds in high definition, novel 2.5D shooter gameplay action, customizable weapon load-outs, a large variety of enemies and epic boss battles. Militant immerses players in an insect based world through fast-paced unforgiving action gameplay combining classic side-scrolling controls with modern 3d visuals, delivering a completely refreshing experience that players of all ages can enjoy.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 43 / 100
User rating
Downloads 788
Genre Action, Shooter, Platformer, Scrolling, 2D, Shoot-'Em-Up, Vertical
Company / Developer
Xibalba Studios / Xibalba Studios

MilitAnt reviews ( 1 )

BunnyTuttle, Jul 20, 2016

2.5d Platform game. You are an ant trying to stop the bad guys, you fight through different insects and use some to get through. The game starts by giving you an introduction/tutorial level. After that it throws you deep into the game, expect to die a lot trying to learn the level structure and so. Level structure is different each level. Enemies pop up fast and unexpected, takes more of knowing what to come than being skilled. Having a good weapon for the situation also will reduce the difficulty to get through the stages. Bosses, depending on your weapons will range from difficulty. Most enemies hits hard that includes the bosses. Minus two bosses, all bosses you can use whatever weapon you want to beat. You got to carry 4 weapons, you start with 4 pistols. Weapons are unlimited; However, they can overheat as it will be explained in the game to you. You got to switch between the weapons you chose at you wish. Having a good mix is good, but in certain levels you might want to use a better suited weapons to beat the stage or boss. You can equip one weapon from each except the default pistols (which you can equip 4). Pistols are just the first weapon you use, to get the cool stuff. Weapons range from wide to damage and spread or tactical (sentry). Last weapon you will get when you beat the game. You got a melee attack and combo. The combo is short, just clicking the melee weapon. Melee attacks can reflect certain shots, so make use of that. You got a double jump as well. When falling from platforms you can use your 2nd jump also. An aerial attack, which is very useful. You got a dash and air dash. Though, your dash are limited by your dash bar. Health bar, segmented into 4 sections. As long as you have little health in that segment, your health will heal overtime that segment. Enemies (and through the stage) will drop healing stuff. Weapons are bought in armory with currency. Every stage will give you some "currency" that you can use at level select when you visit the armory. Getting the shards, are easy. You can find them at the stages itself (it will show how many shards there is in each stage). Each stage you can get extra for not dying, finishing the stage before certain time (it will shows when you press the pause menu the timer), and killing a number of enemies (also will shows in pause menu). Every 1k shard you get in score also rewards you 1 currency shard. Now, some stages have too many one hit death or pit falls. Getting hit makes your ant like a stone/statue, that either will ends up with you getting more hits or will make you fall to your death. Getting hit will also interrupts you. Enemies dropping healing stuff is random. Controls can be unresponsive sometimes. Aim can and will be frustrating. Manual Aim is hard as the game has an auto target system for you. Trying to pick the target you want to pick can be annoying at times. The game is currently around 10$. If you enjoy 2.5d games, and is patience with the aiming as well as the mentioned things above. Ranked, you have limited lives; While on Unranked, you have unlimited lives.