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Missing: Since January Journalist, Jack Lorski, and his companion disappear while investigating a string of gruesome murders. Soon after their disappearance, Jack's agency receives a disturbing CD-ROM containing footage he captured during his investigation. More than just a CD, this disc is in-fact the beginning of a terrifying game with a maniacal killer known only as "The Phoenix." Enter the mind of a serial killer and see if you can unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of a journalist and his companion and the recent ghastly murders. Missing offers an innovative blend of WindowsВ® gameplay and the internet to immerse players in this elaborate game of cat-and-mouse. Receive actual e-mail from virtual characters and The Phoenix himself offering important clues. Visit a wealth of real websites and fictitious sites created solely for the game to obtain valuable information vital to solving the case. [Adventure Company]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1079
Genre Adventure, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
The Adventure Company / Lexis Numerique

Missing: Since January reviews ( 3 )

FuitilliumS., Jul 7, 2004

A great game that's reinvent the notion of interactivity ! Play one time in it and it will swallow you. The story is amazing and complexe. When you think that it's finish... the real game starts !

jerkwheat, Apr 28, 2015

It's hard to convey exactly how great this game was when it was still new-ish. Not only that, it was important in terms of scope and concept and was the first game I can remember to successfully blur the lines between reality and fiction. In fact I can't think of another game since that had such ambition and was actually able to pull it off. The story was engaging and made you feel like you really were solving a real murder mystery by some very clever use of a Netscape web browser and true internet search engine, both built into the game and its story. I highly doubt it will run on today's newer systems, but if you can get it into compatibility mode, it's still worth a play. I first played it a year after it had been out, so it's been nine years or so, and I still remember it fondly enough to write this review. Coming from a hardcore gamer like myself, that alone says it all.

ShawnHubbard, Feb 15, 2006

I have to give the developers some credit. They tried to make an interesting and unusual game, but instead, it was a tedious, frustrating experience. This game was a huge letdown since I was expecting more. Most of the mini-games were entertaining, with a few exceptions. Some of the puzzles required the player to research the Internet to find websites specifically created for the game. The problem with this part of the game was that there were websites with the same search terms and iIt was sometimes difficult to find the right website. In addition, some of the clues are received via email. There were times where I could not continue the game until I used a walkthrough becaise some crucial emails never arrived, or arrived after the fact. Some of the puzzles, especially ones that required Internet research, were difficult because the subject matter is difficult. The worst thing about my whole experience: because of a bug (or developer oversight, I don't know which), the game didn't have an ending. Near the end of the game, the player competes against the villian in an online game. When the head-to-head game ended, the game did not advance to the end-story. I received no text, no emails, no videos, no audio, nothing. If not for the walkthrough I found on the Internet, I would have no idea what happened to the reporters I were saving, or the villan I chased for 3 days. That is complete unforgiveable. A game that doesn't allow the player to see the ending? Because of the non-ending, I would not recommend the game to anyone.