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MLB Dugout Heroes MLB Dugout Heroes is the first fully licensed and online-based PC baseball game in North America. Featuring an easy learning curve and animated versions of real MLB players, draft your favorites from any MLB era to create your own unique team. [OnNet]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1161
Genre Sports, Traditional, Baseball, Sim
Company / Developer
GamesCampus / Wisecat

MLB Dugout Heroes reviews ( 7 )

AlexM, May 11, 2009

This game is one of the best free baseball games out there. It may not be the most realistic game, but it is very unique and by far the best free baseball game out there. It is that perfect blend between fantasy and reality that is desired in every game. I highly reccomend it.

GFU_Bruins, May 8, 2009

MLB Dugout Heroes is a relatively new game from Game Campus. It is a fully licensed Major League Baseball computer game that is free. It is a great way to play a baseball game with your favorite team against your friends, the computer, or people across the United States and Canada. Picking and setting up your team for MLB Dugout Heroes in my mind is comparable to setting up a franchise or dynasty in either MLB 2K9 or MLB the Show. MLB Dugout Heroes allows you to pick your favorite team and develop them into a winning team. For example, I selected my favorite team, the San Diego Padres and I have been able to be competitive with all of the other teams including the Cubs and the Red Sox. Each team is allotted a specific amount of points to be distributed throughout the team. Some teams are more balanced than others while some are heavy in a specific area. This ensures each player will have an equal start to their franchise. Each season for MLB Dugout Heroes consist of a 50 game season which is played at your own pace. It can be a combination of 3, 5, 7, or 9 inning games with extra innings either turned on or off. There are advantages to all the games. The longer games you play, the more your players will develop and the more nuts (in game currency) you will earn. The growth of 3, 3 inning games is comparable to 1, 9 inning game. The actual game play is fairly fluid. One thing I like is you are at the mercy of how good the opponents

WillS, May 8, 2009

I love how fast-paced this game is. Each pitches are done within 5 seconds. It's really hard to get all-star or all-world players because this is 100% luck, but I love seeing my original team players getting leveled up and smacking HRs over the fence, or striking out opponents. This game is VERY easy to learn. But it takes time to master it, especially pitching. Fielding is not totally controlled by CPU. it's controlled until player gets the ball. Then, it's your job to throw to the bases. It makes sense because everyone has batting average over .350 and if we can field for ourselves, we would have split second to make diving catches on liner within the diamond. Finally, an online baseball came that everyone would enjoy came out. It's so much fun that you won't even know the time is going by! I'd totally recommend this game to anyone.

MattM, May 11, 2009

You know in all these years of graphic improvements, gravity engine designs, gameplay improvements of course baseball video games have sucked and been ignored. It seems like the only thing they can make good are football video games when it comes to sports, 1st person shooters of course get most of the attention and are deserving. Well this is an multiplayer game that combines action/management/role playing all into one and the game play feel is awesome. This is the first baseball game since Earl Weaver baseball on the Amiga 500 (I am dating myself to the 80s) that I think I might get addicted to. Whos kidding who, I am already addicted. It would be fun enough just to enjoy the arcadish style of the pitcher/batter faceoffs, but it has just enough eye candy and variation to keep you from getting bored without making eye candy the focus as so many of the other baseball video games do. Gameplay is smooth and you have the ability to really use deception as a pitcher making pitches look a certain way to deceive the batter. Unlike most all the other games where you can identify pitches easily Lag is there like any online game but Id say 95% of my games dont have any lag and its mostly the other guy that is causing the problem rather than the game engine. You cant expect too much from a 56k modem! The graphics are cartoony with a Korean feel to it, but not to the point that it is distracting to the fine elements of the game (Baseball started in Korea in 1982 and it feels Korean with many Engrish type misspelled words and my favorite is instead of stealing a base you request it or something LOL) Anyway download this free game when you get back and lets have some matches. You level up and your players get better with experience. Thats where the addiction comes into play as with all role playing games you get a certain attachment to certain players and love it when the level up! The meat of the game is the pitching/hitting and its very simple to learn, but hard to master type of gameplay (perfect), so all you do is point and shoot to hit the ball but its difficult to recognize pitches and will require some experience to learn, (batting is hard at first). Best of all its free and feels like a high quality (although not polished in some areas) console game. The only thing this game is lacking is ball parks. The ones they have completed are so beautiful and authentic, but there are only 3. I wish each team had their own ballpark, but, but I can live with Fenway, AT&T, and Safeco for now. Bottom line, I left my high priced "eye candy" video baseball games in the closet, and spend all my time with this free addicting game! I cant stop playing!

RogerM, May 8, 2009

I started playing this game during their open beta in April. As a fan of Sony's MLB The Show series, I was turned of by this game's lack of visual realism. However, once you start playing, all of that doesn't matter anymore. The gameplay here is the best of any baseball game I've ever played! It's so simple, but incredibly fun when you're playing another online opponent. Don't let the simple graphics turn you away! Just try it and you'll understand what I'm talking about!

MikeF., May 9, 2009

This is a fun game to play with really good graphics and a great support staff. The MLB Dugout Heroes community is first rate as well. Give it a try. If nothing else, you'll meet some cool fellow baseball lovers.

AndrewM., May 15, 2009

MLB Dugout Heroes is a perfect mix of arcade fun and MLB action. Its easy enough for kids to enjoy but also has the depth of an RPG for more hardcore players. It allows your players to develop and grow depending on performance, position, and spot in the line-up. Overall: 8/10 The Game Play is the best part of the game. Fielding: simple but has some more advanced techniques as well. You don't "have" to move your players, you just need to worry about throwing the ball to the right base. On the infield, you can click or use the arrows to move. The advanced techniques include: throwing to cut-off men, shifting your fielders position, and the movement. Pitching: like every other baseball game: select pitch, aim pitch, hit meter on bulls-eye. Batting: You have 2 types of swings, normal and power. As you can guess normal is a large cursor and power is small, but hits the ball harder. You use the mouse to aim, left click to swing, right click to bunt. Its simple to play but hard to master. Game play :9/10 The sound is adequate for this type of game.The announcers "sound" good but they don't say what is going on in the game, rather, they constantly blurt out random lines that have absolutely nothing to do with what just happened. This is rather annoying but you can turn them off if you want. The menus have a catchy tune and the sfx are cartoonish and fun. Sound: 5/10 The visuals are simple but great. Seeing your favorite MLB players with a cartoony anime look is hilarious. The graphics are a little choppy, but fine to play. The menus are easy to read and access. Visuals: 7/10.