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Mobile Forces Mobile Forces is a first-person shooter full of relentless foot-based action and, realistic vehicle combat. Fight through twelve massive single-player environments and plenty of multi-player modes designed specifically for vehicle warfare. Use a full arsenal of deadly weaponry from M-16's to sniper rifles. Drive a fleet of heavily-armored vehicles or, jump in the back of someone else's and use the hard-mounted weapons to dispatch a foe. Fans of open-terrain, real-world action games will definitely want to add this one to their collection. [Majesco Sales Inc.]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1257
Genre Simulation, Driving, Car Combat, Vehicle, Combat
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Majesco Games , Majesco / Rage Software

Mobile Forces reviews ( 2 )

donald, Feb 13, 2015

IMO great game for its time. Nice maps and vehicles, bots are ok, overall I had lots of fun. Of course graphics and AI is dated in comparison to modern FPS, still game is good enough to play for me out of nostalgia.

Dave, Sep 13, 2004

Great game in my opinion, half way decent bots, great for LAN partys grafics are somewhat dated now that we have games like farcry and doom3 but still loads of fun, this one is staying on my HD.