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Moebius: Empire Rising Moebius: Empire Rising is a contemporary adventure that merges classic point-and-click puzzle solving with Jane Jensen’s sophisticated storytelling. Travel the world using Malachi’s unique deductive powers to analyze suspects, make historical connections, and uncover the truth behind a theory of space and time the government will defend at any cost.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 56 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2058
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Phoenix Online Publishing / Pinkerton Road Studio
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Moebius: Empire Rising reviews ( 7 )

EliJonas, Apr 16, 2014

Excellent story and loved the characters, especially David. Hoping for a sequel quickly. Very much feels like a new GK series for the 2010's. Personally, I liked the art style and especially the cut scenes were very well done.

Indybag, Apr 11, 2016

Good story with good voice acting. Quite a different approach to adventure gaming, a more cerebral approach which may not appeal to eveyone, but I liked it. The graphics were ok - agree with comments about the quirky animation - but it looked good. I would be happy if a new game were produced to follow on.

Devils, Apr 15, 2014

Amazing writing and amazing music outweigh the technical flaws in this adventure game. While the character animations aren't great, and some of the character models look strange, everything else that you would want in an adventure game is here. The story is thought provoking, the atmosphere is beautiful, and OMG the music is so good I can't even emphasize enough how perfect the soundtrack is. This is not a game for kids- it's very mature and engrossing. Lots of wit and lots of style. If you're looking for a great story and you can get past the technical flaws (none of which are game breaking, just distracting at times), this game will not disappoint you.

SOLEFISH, Nov 19, 2015

Starts off strong with a great lineage. Graphics always seem bulky and awkward. Especially with the slow and stiff movements of main AI. Story is engaging at first but concept loses steam halfway through the game. For little good reason the beautiful backdrops and music fall away to a cave exploration ending that just fails to feel like it even belongs in the same game. Ending is barely satisfactory considering the 7th and final chapter is full of glitches that are sometimes hilarious and other times computer rebooting. I had to restart 5 times during the last chapter and play through the first 15 minutes over again 3 of those times. I don't hate this game. But, it feels like it was abandoned around chapter 5 and left to chance whether or not it would work from there. It did. Barely. If it weren't attached to Gabriel Knight it wouldn't have so much to meet up too. But, when compared, the older game still prevails. There were a lot of lacking pieces to this adventure puzzle. Not to mention the constant stereotypes of other cultures and especially women. All women, according to this game, are sex starved, easily manipulated, and are greedy. Nah. Not all of them, anyway. Glad I played this game. I just wish the developers would have played the last 2 chapters before releasing it.

Dunge, Apr 17, 2014

I'm up to chapter 4 writing this review. I love pretty much all point-and-click games and loved Cognition from the same devs. This one is so-so. The story start too slow, but get a bit better after chapter 1. Pro: The background graphics are very nice, the music and voice acting are also good. The game don't have any apparent bugs. Con: The characters bones structure are fubar, as if they have no neck. Some of their movements look like broken robots. The French part of the game are translated by google translate and often makes no sense (source: I'm French). The homosexual bromance between male characters makes me uneasy, but that's personal, I shouldn't blame the game for it. Rector (the main character) is a total douche and everything he say make me want to punch him, but I think that's intended.

sh4dow, Apr 16, 2014

As someone who has loved all GK games and even enjoyed Gray Matter quite a bit (my rating: 4/5), I figured Jane would be able to handle herself and so I supported this with way more than any other game. Man, was I wrong. The alpha was quite a disappointment but I figured they might still refine it a LOT and so I wrote an extensive report on it. Unfortunately, the quality of the final product is very similar. The animation is awful pretty much all around, characters don't even look into each other's eyes and the shoulders of the main character make him look bizarrely deformed. With a delivery like that, how can one even care about the story? It's like watching a great theater piece being performed by some hillbilly amateur group that has only started to learn about acting two weeks ago. It just seems unprofessional through and through. Well, aside from the music. There's that. Speaking about being unprofessional - there are even spelling mistakes in the historical data. And there are words missing sometimes. I really enjoyed reading about some guy who "was talented Italian artist". But why care about such details, as if reading about things would be important in this game... People keep talking about the niche appeal, the low budget, etc. to try to justify the low quality of Moebius. As if adventure games "naturally" have to look like crap. So, how do explain The Book of Unwritten Tales, Gray Matter, Deponia, Machinarium, etc.? In fact, aside from the Telltale games, I don't think I've ever seen an adventure game that looked as bad as Moebius. And even though I don't care for Telltale's art style, I still find it acceptable in comparison. And, frankly - Jane Jensen's writing isn't that great to begin with. For crying out loud, it's mundane, somewhat cheesy mystery stuff! There's nothing innovative or meaningful to be found in there. That was the case with Gabriel Knight already. But the overall atmosphere of the games was what caused it be a great ride. Unlike Moebius.

xaRoc, May 2, 2014

If we are to say that adventure games are separated from other genres because they are story-driven, then it's difficult to call "Moebius" an adventure game. What it is are a number of plot points without a strong connecting thread. The central theme concerns a secret organisation that uses the titular "moebius theory" to politically manipulate the government. This plot is compelling and promise but it is dropped after act two of the game and is never addressed again. The protagonist mentions how this shadowy organisation needs to be publicly outed. He says he wants to end their political machinations, yet he does absolutely nothing to bring this about. The game ends without a climax or denouement to tie together all of the plot threads. And a series of plot points without a resolution is not a story. It is, essentially 2/3rd of a story, seeking an ending that never comes. So I cannot give it a grade on story. Technically, "Moebius" has no story. They designers tried to bring something new to the puzzles and some of it works. Unfortunately, the remainder of the puzzles are really straightforward and the player is never challenged. You will find no complex, intriguing puzzles that allow the player to feel a sense of accomplishment. Even the maze is ridiculously easy. If the player misses the obvious markers, any wrong turn sends the player to a dead end, so backtracking is difficult and makes it impossible to get lost. But, for all this game's ease, there were no illogical puzzles either, and that is a plus. Puzzle Grade: C+ Now, the graphics are not state of the art. The character models are clunky and move freakishly, but I didn't find this distracting. This is a kickstarter game, after all, and they didn't get enough funding to provide state of the art. I can forgive them this. Graphics Grade: C+ I was mostly pleased with the voice acting. Some of the dialog is horribly trite but the actors do their best to make it sound natural. Actor's Grade A- The score is hit&miss. I enjoyed some of the themes but others created moods that felt unrelated to the scenes in which they played and became distracting. Music Grade B Ultimately, the game has some compelling moments but for a $30 price tag, I can't recommend it. If you feel pity for a struggling company, or are a die-hard Jane Jensen fan, then you may find some something salvageable here and fork over the cash. For the typical adventure aficionado, I'd wait until the game hits the bargain bin.