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Moero Chronicle Io is a simple young man with only one problem he cant talk to women! Any attempts at conversation are destroyed by his perverted mind, except when he talks to Lilia, his best friend and a Monster Girl. However, that becomes the least of his problems when hes tasked with going to the dangerous region of Monstopia. There, Monster Girls have begun rampaging, causing wanton pain and destruction. Have the Monster Girls simply gone mad, or is there an even greater evil afoot? Find out in this moe-filled dungeon RPG!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 593
Genre Role-Playing, General, Japanese-Style
Company / Developer
Idea Factory / Compile Heart, Silicon Studio

Moero Chronicle reviews ( 1 )

TsukasaHiiragi, Dec 13, 2017

I love Compile Heart as much as the next fan, but Moero Chronicle is an unmitigated disaster that plays like a AAA priced indie game. The game doesn't pull any punches with its unadulterated fan service, the problem isn't really with 'that' side of the game, it's the game itself that is the problem. This game would be better suited to be renamed to 'Pantie Chronicles' The core gameplay is basically boring, its main adventuring is based on old school 3D dungeon crawling, which is incredibly frustrating by being in battle every other step you take, this mechanic is so prevalent that there is even a tutorial to fast forward skip these all-to-common trash mob battles. Another issue revolves around the trial and error 'rubbing mode' in which reeks of pure fan service, you essentially have to feel up one of the monster girls to get her 'off' so she breaks her curse and joins your party, the problem is this mini-game doesn't work too well, and without a guide is becomes quite frustrating repeating the same battle and minigame until you find the correct points to touch.