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Monster Train Monster Train is a strategic roguelike deck building game with a twist. Set on a train to hell, you’ll use tactical decision making to defend multiple vertical battlegrounds. With real time competitive multiplayer and endless replayability, Monster Train is always on time.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 44
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Players Up to 8
Company / Developer
Good Shepherd Entertainment / Shiny Shoe
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Monster Train reviews ( 7 )

Wraiven, May 27, 2020

If you enjoy roguelikes/lites, GET THIS. I love StS but this game is veeerrrryyyy different in pretty much every way outside of the inclusion of "cards". Both games are masterpieces, and both deserve to be considered two of the best RL games ever made. Been following this game closely for months and it had more than enough content when there were only two clans (classes essentially), but with release there are now 3 more and they're all SOOOO unique. I absolutely adore this game!

DarkFinch, Jun 26, 2020

Amazing learning curve. Can be quite a challenge at times. I will say if you are a fan of games especially Slay the Spire this one is a MUST and should not be passed on.

KeenWatcher, May 25, 2020

This game gets compared to Slay the Spire but the mechanics are completely different. The only similarities are that you can choose different deck archetypes to build, you can choose a path (of 2 per round), and the goal is to get to the end. Otherwise this is has a unique and very different feel, the main differences are:* You choose a main archetype to champion your deck but you need to choose another synergy to go in also (1 of 5 decks).* The game is shorter by about 30 mins per run than Slay the Spire. * There is more of a focus improve your deck between fights.* Fights are very different and run over 3 levels, any monsters you do not kill ascend towards your pyre which kills you if it reaches 0 health. All up if you liked Slay the Spire then this game would be for you, while not the same it is deliciously different.

keszotrab, Jun 24, 2020

Very fun and unique game. Fresh look on a deckbuilder games, with the great idea of combining 2 of the 5 clans/colors. So each of the clans got their "style" of play. For example you can chose Stygian guards who specialize with DOT and spells and combine it with Animus clan which specialize with big tanky units and heals. So after choseing the archetype you can than customize your main clan's champion so it will better fit your style. So how does the battle works? You have 3 floors on which you can place different units and 4th floor that has your train's core. Enemies will spawn each turn on the first floor until the boss arrives. After each turn each unit will deal damage to each other (enemies attack first) and than if enemy survived it will move floor higer. If your core's HP becomes 0 you lose. Between the fights there is a 2 diffrent ways you can choose each have diffrent upgrades and events so you can choose which one you want to get. Upgrades are really cool, each card in the game has 2 upgrade slots, the upgrades can range from simple stat boost, cost reduction, bonus effect or removing negative effect of a card but increasing it's cost. Soundtrack: 8/10 The game even says what track it's playing and they all feel very fitting. Graphics: 9/10 The visual are really great, some animations needs work tho... Gameplay: 9/10 Gameplay loop is really addictive and never get's boring! My Personal Overall Enjoyment: 10/10 It reallys feels amazing to play.

Johnnydrama, Jul 19, 2020

If you love slay the spire you'll love this. The potential for some awesome OP combos is great with different clan synergies. Fantastic artwork and a snappy responsive UI. Multiplayer can be a bit hectic with a really short round timer but is a welcome addition. Definitely worth the price of admission

ChewPai, May 30, 2020

塔防roguelite加上组牌游戏的巅峰,真正意义站在巨人肩膀上之作。体量不大,游戏类型融合完成度却相当高。各媒体都在避开谈论拿来主义的胜利,我觉得没必要。这游戏把【杀戮尖塔】的营养成分吸收的很彻底,有心人知道是什么使杀戮尖塔变得伟大,又在此基础上正向改进了游戏玩法。创新方面还有在精简和游戏性间取得了很好的平衡度。所以如果你是三类型游戏任一的粉丝,怪物火车都将是你的必玩之作。 80/100精良品质

nilsy, Jul 22, 2020

I compare this to Slay the Spire and think its worse in every single aspect. Unless you compare it to one of the best game ever made though its a really really good deck builder rogue lite. Its nice to see deck builders can be done differently then StS and be great.