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Montague's Mount Montague's Mount is a horror/suspense game from Mastertronic and one-man development team Polypusher Studios.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 41 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1375
Genre Action Adventure, Horror
Company / Developer
Mastertronic / Polypusher Studios
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Montague's Mount reviews ( 7 )

DoktaLust, Aug 26, 2014

I'm into psychological games, pretty hardcore, Montague's Mount is one of those psychological games I love. Visually I liked it, it wasn't overly dark, yet not obnoxiously bright. The atmosphere and weather changes I thought was quite amazing. The puzzles aren't all easy, yet they're not overly obnoxious. The only puzzle I had a real issue learning/solving was the Plinth compass puzzle, I played the game before it was updated and more 'help' was added to solve that puzzle. Throughout the game on and off it gave me a feeling of being watched. I did get lost a few times in the game, but once you figure it out, the game isn't that bad. I personally didn't have any issues with my game crashing or losing saves, no bugs. The game gave me no problems what so ever. Not sure how much this game changed with the update, or how much help was added, even before the update I did have fun with this game. As I said the game gave me no issues, some of the puzzles were easy, some were challenging. Either way, for one person making this game, I thought it was quite amazing and very well done.

Gracz-org, Aug 8, 2017

Montague’s Mount oferuje mroczny klimat tajemniczej wyspy, gdzie na gracza czekać będzie ponadto kilka interesujących zagadek logicznych. Na plus zasługuje również koncepcja i wygląd lokacji. Całość uzupełnia nastrojowa ścieżka dźwiękowa i ***UWAGA*** polski dubbing! ;-) Osoba podkładająca głos pod głównego bohatera spisała się po prostu rewelacyjnie, miło czasem „posłuchać” dobrej polonizacji. Jeśli chodzi o wady gry, to najbardziej irytowała mnie wspomniana wcześniej „ślamazarność” naszej postaci - co rzecz jasna wpływa w znaczący sposób na długość rozgrywki. Przejście gry zajęło mi około 6 godzin, co po części spowodowane było rozwiązywaniem dostępnych w niej zagadek (tak, tak - nie tłumacz się^^). Ostatecznie jednak muszę przyznać, że mimo tych kilku mankamentów nie żałuję czasu przy niej spędzonego. W dodatku, zapowiada się, że czeka nas kontynuacja - nasz werdykt brzmi więc: Zdecydowanie warto zaGRAĆ! ;-) Plusy: + koncepcja i wygląd lokacji + zmieniająca się pogoda + ścieżka dźwiękowa + polski dubbing + niektóre zagadki Minusy: – irytująca „powolność” głównego bohatera – no kurcze mogliby dać chociaż latarkę!? – zdarzające się błędy techniczne – zakończenie… a właściwie jego brak Pełna recenzja dostępna jest na blogu

gufcfan, Nov 24, 2013

Game has some obvious problems but I very much appreciated the effort put into it and managed to enjoy it. It was taken to a huge extreme, but the feeling of helplessness was something I haven't felt in this way in another game. The game is beautiful, which added to the experience immensely. The puzzles were often infuriating... which few people will forgive it for. I won't either. I really wanted to enjoy this game and I did, but I feel like I will be in a minority. The game has so much going for it, that I feel it warrants far higher scores than what it has been given thus far.

EggManStudio, Jan 9, 2015

This game does have some good points, for instance it has a nice atmosphere, pretty decent voice acting and an interesting plot with some good ideas, but everything is let down by an overly-tedious prologue, unclear objectives, unreadable tutorials, a confusing inventory system, the inability to access any options during the game, and poor graphics. I reccommend only if you have the patience to wrangle with its confusing and poorly-designed layout, otherwise don't bother.

Devivre, Oct 13, 2013

First of all the games sure comes with an interesting atmosphere. You really feel lost, sometimes the rain falls and it's getting harder to see stuff. That's nice but then 'Montague's Mount' pretty much fails in terms of storytelling and game design! Besides there still are a few game-crashing bugs can that kill the fun. Sometimes the game fails to tell you why you really need to do that. At some points it tells you, you can't go there because there's some other task you have to complete first but it doesn't explain what that was again. Then there are pages all over the island explaining how to control the game. You can't take those, you have to read but on a small screen you'll have to go pretty close and might still have troubles reading what's on it. And it really doesn't make sense to explain the controls that way. Really... it doesn't! Also I could use the xbox360-controller only to move around. To interact I had to use the mouse and keyboard. Not ideal too but only a small problem. Maybe the developers should have given the game more time and polish. There is potential and it actually does have some scary moments but 'Montague's Mount' doesn't seem able to make any use of it!

Diablo92, Dec 13, 2013

It's not the worst cause I have seen worse although I haven't finished this and cannot continue for I am stuck on the part where you line up the orientations using your compass, I have tried at it for atleast 5 hours or more now and had shut down the game twice and then lost the progress so I would need to start from beginning of that part again. Graphics wise is bad, lots of darkness and blurriness, eyes can't focus too well when trying to concentrate. So many bugs in this game, had to restart the game 5 times because i either got stuck or camera was where i can't see anything after activating something and the gameplay path would not come open. I feel like a turtle after doing so much walking around in this game, atleast unlocked an achievement for walking 10 kilometers. I would'nt recommend this game since I can't even finish it due to the orientations looking so funky, graphics blur and dark and getting around so slow. I want to continue but just don't feel I should cause the game is full of bugs anyway.

Evanescence, Dec 5, 2013

Tons of bug, not running fine most of the time, game crash and lost my saves twice! There's absolutly no communication at all, not even PR. Had tons of potential but cannot deliver!