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Moons of Madness Moons of Madness is a first-person, story-driven cosmic horror game where the scientific exploration of Mars meets the supernatural dread of Lovecraft.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 91
Genre Action Adventure, Survival
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Funcom / Rock Pocket Games
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Moons of Madness reviews ( 7 )

sven, Oct 26, 2019

I really liked this game Moons of Madness is a first-person, story-driven cosmic horror game where the scientific exploration of Mars meets the supernatural dread of Lovecraft. This is also the first time I've played a second-person horror game, and not even something else that I thought was a good game, and in this case that was the first time that I had no idea what was going to happen. The premise is that an expedition to Mars has gone horribly wrong. But it was really good when you put it on a 4K TV, too. The controls were responsive and the controls for the camera were perfectly optimized.

PEnchan707, Nov 13, 2019

I enjoyed my time with this game. It had a rough start and I found the interface took a bit of getting used to but it picks up nicely and has good pacing, a mix of scares and nice attention to detail. The graphics are above average, from an artistic standpoint, and lighting is used well to enhance the atmosphere, as is sound and ambient music. Puzzles are logical and the guidelines to solve them are almost always presented in a way that makes sense given the environment and narrative. Voice acting is ok, with the two key characters doing a better job and the script keeps things simple, without straying into over-ambitious territory that might bite off more than it can chew. The horror is a mixture of jump-scares and general tension and, along with a variety of horrifying entities, they are spaced out well, which led to me never really knowing what was around the corner. It's not very long, around 6-7 hours, but that is sometimes a plus for those who like things short and sweet. Worth picking up when it suits your budget, if you enjoy games like Amnesia or Alien Isolation. I'd probably give it closer to a 7.5 but metacritic still don't allow .5's. Why?

PlayMoreGames, May2, 2020

"Moons of Madness" can provide good and scary entertainment with an interesting plot and different moments. Especially the dense and credible atmosphere with its unexpected scenes always convinces for moments of horror and fear. Also the mixture of different tasks and at times very challenging puzzles only seldomly leads to boredom. The technical components are well done and especially because of the players there is always a shiver down your spine. Who would like to experience a good horror game again, should take a closer look at "Moons of Madness". (

bancandrei, May 15, 2020

Looks nice, and the idea to combine Lovecraft and space exploration seemed intriguing. But the realization and all the dream sequences don't really do it many favours. Surprised to see the low rating, it has potential and fans of the genre can definitely find things to enjoy here.

SuperkenGaming, Mar9, 2020

Moons of Madness Unenjoyable from start to finish Moons of Madness is a first person adventiure walking simulator that takes place on mars, and basically this is a game about doing spooky chores… All 4 hours of this game is a chore to get through, and they aren’t even interesting chores until an hour in.. aka 25% of the entire game… the game starts with you setting out to fix some solar panels, but youre noticing everything unplugged, who would do such a thing? Until you find out.. oh.. of course aliens… so this becomes a game of being stalked by these creepy creatures and doing puzzles… Moons of madness has glimpses of being enjoyable during these intense chases, or environment based puzzles.. .but those glimpses evaporate as the monotony of this game smacks you over the head… constant button prompts, constant putting in and finding power sources.. constant puzzles, unfun and uninteresting traversal and exploration through these space stations… Moons of madness will drive you mad… Theres really no redeemable quality here… the story is boring and unengaging, the puzzles are annoying progress stoppers more than an enjoyable brain teaser to break the tension.. the environment is intriguing..the game starts out slow, it drags with glimpse of potential, and none of this potential is ever realized… I give Moons of Madness a 4.5/10

Voodoo123, Jan4, 2020

While the quality of MOM's visuals are notable, the dialogue, acting, world, soundtrack, animations all felt sub par for a 2019 release. I stopped playing before the first hour was up. For a game so focused on storytelling, as the player I just didn't feel any connection to what was happening.

Wesp5, Nov 19, 2019

While this games starts off promising, by being more than the expected walking simulator with several riddles and even some action sequences in a realistic Mars setting, it all breaks down with a bug that prevents from finishing the game. Checking out the Steam boards shows that several game breaking bugs are unfixed for almost a month...