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Moss Moss™ is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game and new IP from Polyarc tailor-made for the VR platform. It takes classic components of a great game—such as compelling characters, gripping combat, and captivating world exploration—combined with the exciting opportunities of VR.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 88
Genre Action Adventure, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Polyarc / Polyarc
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Moss reviews ( 4 )

rustigsmed, Jan1, 2019

If you have VR you have to buy this game. Fantastic immersion and a really clever implementation of the VR controls and your interaction with the environment (I'm sure more VR games will use this style in the future). You play as two characters at once, a mouse (3rd person) and kind of a spirit-being (1st person) who is able to interact here and there in the environment and help along the way. I didn't realise the graphics were set on low til someway through, so it should work alright with lower end hardware. First time I could stay in VR without feeling any sickness. Great story and immersion - must have.

Runesr2, Jul 28, 2018

This game is easily worth $100 - but luckily we get the best games on the entire planet for next to nothing! Moss may already be on my top 3 of best games ever made (at least within it's genre). You control a mouse in 3rd person and you're in the gameworld in 1st person. Graphics are simply breathtakingly awesome, and although gameplay does remind you of Kin and possibly Chronos, Moss bows to no one. If you have a Rift headset, Moss is the game to get - when you're done with Lone Echo :-) Moss works perfectly forcing super-sampling 2.0 using an oc'ed GTX 1080. Moss is played sitting down, but do stand up now and then to check you're not missing any secrets. Note, by default graphics are set to low when starting the game for the first time, remember to set graphics to high. The game isn't that taxing on current hardware, I wouldn't be surprised if GTX 1060 6GB owners can enable super-sampling 1.5 with high graphics setting and no frame dropping. This is probably the best VR game arriving in 2018 - and don't rush it, take your time to enjoy the world and find all the secrets, then this game may take 6 to 8 hours to complete.

RagingPoet, Mar 29, 2019

Moss is an absolutely charming 3rd person platformer/adventure. It is one of the the very few VR games that look and feel like AAA products. Every location is a piece of art and a blast to traverse through. The gameplay takes a backseat though. Platforming, combat, puzzles - everything is casual and fine, but not great. Overall, Moss is a must-play not only for platformer fans, but for everyone who owns VR-headset.

LivewireHD, Jan7, 2019

The TL;DR Review ================ Game type: Platformer/puzzle Style: Solo VR used: Oculus Platform used: Steam System specs: 1070 gtx 8gb OC, i7, 32gb Ram, Windows10, Oculus rift & touch controllers. Graphics - 10/10 Sound - 9/10 Gameplay - 9/10 Comfort - Easy (Seated or standing, 180 Degree play 180 Degree view, no motion sickness) Fun - 9/10 Replayability - 5/10 (You may want to replay levels to collect any missing secrets, but the plot is more of a 1 time thing, fun to show friends though.) Overall - 9/10 ------------------------------------------------- Graphics - a rating of how visually appealing, welldone and immersive the visuals are, not how realistic or high end. Rated out of 10 Sound - a rating of how good the quality, fitting with the game and immersive the music is. Rated out of 10 Gameplay - a rating of how the overall feel of the game is, from mechanics and controls to ai and purpose of game. Rated out of 10 Comfort - a rating based on how the game makes you feel in VR, motion sickness, immersion, playspace/position. Rated casual(seated, no motion sickness, usually an experience with no gameplay), easy(usually seated, no motion sickness) , medium(standing or seated, possible use of 360 space, medium play area, no motion sickness ) , hard(standing, usually larger play area and 360 space, possible motion sickness) or extreme(standing, full 360 space, larger play area, possible motion sickness). Fun - simply how fun the overall experience is. Rated out of 10 Replayability - How likely you are to replay the game, 10 being lots of replay, 1 being single playthrough. Overall - a final rating based on previous points and others. Rated out of 10 ------------------------------------------------ The Full Review =============== Firstly, Quill the mouse you play as and help is super adorable and the world he inhabits feels magical and fully alive. This game executes its graphics, story and immersion perfectly. Being able to bend down and get right up close to quill as he emotes is such a happy and cute moment. The game fully immerses you in the world, from the backdrops, to the little characters running around, you really feel like a giant looking into a world of mice and other forest dwellers. All the levels are designed so that you can remain in one position and still easily see all the objectives, interactive objects, enemies and objects. You can even get up and look around to find hidden secrets and still feel part of the world. The graphics and sounds are simply beautiful in Moss. The story is simple but fairytale/adventure like and enough to draw you in to the puzzles, combat and adventuring. The most wonderful part of the story is the book in between sections, you really feel as though you are sitting reading a fairytale. Controls are simple, standard platforming, move, jump, attack and dodge, making combat simple but fun and rewarding and platforming is straight forward and enjoyable. The puzzles are fairly simple but entertaining enough in between combat and platforming, especially if you are going for the hidden objects on the levels. Comfortability wise this game is as easy as it gets, fixed position with no motion, small play area with platforming controls on the touch controllers and short range hand interactions. On my system specs I was easily able to run the game on full graphics with no slowdown or obvious problems. I would 100% recommend Moss to any PC VR player, I would almost go as far as to say it is a mandatory play, it is by far the best platformer on VR right now. If you are unsure about platformers in VR I would definitely give this one a shot, it will change your mind fully.