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Motor City Online Build and race your own collection of custom hot rods with thousands of real people online! More than just a racing game, MCO is a virtual hot rod haven for gearheads, car lovers, and gamers alike! Make friends, join a club turf war, customize your dream car, battle racers from around the world, and race your way to a reputation as the baddest rodder in Motor City. [Electronic Arts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1305
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, GT / Street, Automobile
Company / Developer
EA Games / EA Games

Motor City Online reviews ( 3 )

BenJ., Jul 14, 2005

It had problems, but it also attmepted to do something that hasn't been attempted before or since. This game turned me from a casual gamer into a hardcore gamer.

MarkJ., Dec 19, 2001

Bad tech support, crappy graphics, and Online only.. As one of the first beta testers to play the game, I advise against buying it. It is not release quality software, and EA is testing on those poor fools who have bought it. 1 month free, then $10 a month to play it after spending up to $45 for the game. Lots of cheating, poor hardware support, idiot Techs, and a slow, confusing interface. Whoever rated MCO at 81 must be getting kickbacks. The smart money concitering EA's track record is to wait a year and see if the servers are even running anymore, not to mention, see if the players have fixed all of the bugs. EA sure as hell can do it....

WesslyP., Jul 17, 2002

I play this game, I love cars and what not but the customer sevice and the way this game is run is horrible, EA can do better if they would listen to the suggestions of the PAYING customers, yeah that's right folks we have to pay to play, bogus!