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Motorsport Manager

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1125
Genre Action, Simulation, General, Virtual, Career
Company / Developer
Sega / Playsport Games

Motorsport Manager reviews ( 7 )

RustyJames, Nov 11, 2016

This game is A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! Lack of licences? Woman drivers and mechanics? It doesn't matter at all, because gameplay is brilliant, you'll spend hours researching and scouting. Real-time races aren't boring anymore, AI is pretty competitive. Lags and freezes? NO, but the graphics is nice. Sounds are authentic, like in A-class games, really. The best management game about motorsport and racing. Price is bit high and it need some minor interface changes. 9,5/10

cabbar, Apr 5, 2017

I have 40 hours experience in this game and I am very happy to find a game which gives me an opportunity to create, manage and compete with a motor sport team. I am a big fan of Formula 1, thanks to steam workshop, I can find Formula 1 add-on and apply it to the game. I can not find any cons for this game. However, I will write some pluses for you. 1) It is not an expensive game. It is reasonable and affordable price. 2) Graphics... It is a manager-like game but you can watch the entire competition between teams and drivers. 3) It is player based game. That means, you can control everything what you want, e.g. fuel, tires, morals, contracts, buildings, cars, design, etc. I would like to write more things about the game but I am tired to write due to there are a lot of things that should be written. If you like motor sports, you are not going to be regret to play this game.

paNdamm, Nov 12, 2016

Awesome game have been waiting for this sort of thing for years. In depth and a very good looking game, i could just sit back and just watch the racing. They truly Nailed this game. :)

stik10, Nov 9, 2016

The best Racing car manager game! For years i waiting for this! O melhor jogo manager de automobilismo dos últimos anos! Eu e tantos outros estávamos a espera de um jogo como esse, o último bom era de 2000, 16 anos de espera, uma vida. Agora eu espero que possam dar continuidade a este magnifico game. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores. I LOVE THIS GAME!

Letiste-Gaming, Nov 21, 2016

Sin ningún tipo de dudas nos encontramos ante el mejor juego de gestión del año, con un nivel de detalle en todos y cada uno de sus apartados digno de elogio. No es un juego fácil, pero tampoco injusto, y llega incluso a ser bastante inmersivo competir contra las escuderías rivales o siendo fiel a la nuestra, creando nuestra propia historia. Creo que es un título orientado a todo el mundo, desde los nuevos en el género a los mas veteranos, y aunque no te atraiga la Formula 1 o los títulos de gestión, aun así te recomendaría que le dieras una oportunidad.

Coro_yy, Nov 9, 2016

Just finished the tutorial which is already enough to give a firstlook, since it includes a complete race and a walkthrough through all the menues. Overall, this took me around a hour, so it is pretty in-depth in detailed. I started with the second worst team, because I like the idea of making it from the bottom to the top, even though this may take some time. The missing license of original teams and drivers is not a big deal and once this game gets modding support, thanks to Steam Workshop, this may change. I'd like to create a Pro/Cons list, but even without wearing fanboy glasses, I don't have any Cons in mind so far. But this could change over time. Maybe the game gets boring fast or hilariously unrealistic. Who knows. If that's the case, I'll edit this review. But for now, the game runs perfectly fine for me without any issues on max details with locked 60fps (no need to cry here. You seriously don't need those 200fps). You can really feel polish under your nails when scratching over the games surface. The overview doesn't suffer from all those menues like in EAs FM games (at least for beginners). The "controls" in a live race are pretty simple and easy to understand. Graphics look great for this a simulator game. I love it so far and will hopefully be able to make enough money to build a wall in front of Mexi.. to beat "Mercedes"!

aldodrem, Jan 21, 2017

The game is rubbish as it is severely lacking in the "Manger" aspect of its namesake. Missing is the ability to properly manage your personal and finances that any other >insert sport management game You can't extend the contract of your current staff properly because they just disregard the terms of the current contract while the new one overrides it. Plus you can't set a contract start date for any of the staff so you need to pray someone you want doesn't auto resign with a team after their current contract ends or you need terminate a contract (IRL you'd not have an pleasant time finding work if you did that!). While on the topic of staff how worthless is the scouting department. Their is absolutely no search and sort function forcing the player to tediously click through the dossier of each person in order to find the info they are looking for, wtf!?! Onto the financial side it is just as bad. The end of the year prize pool remains unchanged no matter how many years pass (same with sponsor deals) which leads to over priced contract fees as staff and driver wages continue to get bid up whilst you're stuck with the now woefully stagnant income you had 5 or 10 years ago! Talking about income their is no way to raise the marketability and thus the sponsorship values of your driver despite if they won back to back championships or not it still remains the same. Than their is the total lack of ways to get money other than the sponsor/end of year. Why can't staff be traded/sold to other teams and why isn't their a bank/loan option available? Bottom line is maybe the game might grab a few hours for casual race fans but if you were hoping the game had a in depth management side you'll be sorely disappointed.