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Mount & Blade: Warband The first expansion pack for Mount & Blade introduces an array of brand-new features, highlighted by a multiplayer capability that allows up to 64 players to participate.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7497
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Taleworlds

Mount & Blade: Warband reviews ( 7 )

Duh, Sep 29, 2010

You might ask yourself whether Warband is worth its money. The answer to that are your personal preferences, since there are a lot of great things in the game, but also things that will anger you till you tilt, especially because you will - at that point - know that the game has a huge potential which seems to be not used. The PROs include The best fighting system there is. You are in control of your attacks and blocks, the direction, the timing, the distance and the speed. The fights are intense.Amazing battles sizes not only in the singleplayer, but also on the multiplayer. No not only 64 as falsely proclaimed in many reviews, there are servers that offer room for up to 222 players. The Singleplayer mode is in Vanilla limited to 150, but by using the MBW Battle Resizer the only limitation is your hardware. I play with a battle size of 700.The SP world. Kingdoms rise and fall with or without your doing. This war-torn country of Calradia does not need a player to function :-D.The multiplayer. You will hate it for crushing you (I have no clue how so many people can be so good). You will love it for the excitement, the rush of adrenaline when being faced by a group of enemies, the joy of making a kill - finally, and the tactical thinking.A great community. It is a must for anybody buying this game, to use the forum. Otherwise you will never get the full potential out of this game. The Mods are the true jewels here. More on that later.The developers put a lot of effort into fixing bugs and improving the game. Since the release in March there have been 6(!) official patches i know of, that fixed bugs, rebalanced weapons, added new game features, etc. . The game was playable from the beginning, it just got better.The CONsThe singleplayer lacks a tutorial. The game is very complex and especially the character creation is too complex for newbies. Later on you will be happy for the amount of choices tho. A mission to start off with was added, which helps a little on getting into the game.No big questline. You can roleplay the squat out of this game, but you will have to create your story yourself.At some point the game becomes repetative. Its after getting started, gaining power and before starting your own kingdom. Overall the Vanilla Singleplayer is missing something to keep it interesting.Sieges are the biggest flaw in Vanilla SP. The AI sucks here and the possible choices - really opposing the general game theme - are basically nonexistent. It is a pity that the multiplayer siege options werent implemented into the SP.The conclusion:The Vanilla game has highs and lows. 30 Bucks is acceptable for it, but its not a great deal.HOWEVER Mount and Blade: Warband is a long term investment. This is due to the huge modding community of the game (Forum!). You dont like the graphics? Get Polished Landscapes. You dont like the Battlesize? Get a Resizer. You dont like time period? Download a total conversion, which plays in the Renaissance or WW2. There are even mods solely dedicated to the Multiplayer. F.E. You dont like to always have to choose from the same troops and equipment? You want to customize your character? You want to change your skills? Get the CRPG mod and play it on their servers, which hold up to 120 spots for players. This ever growing amount of mods add amazing things to the Multiplayer and the Singleplayer and thats why the game is in my opinion worth the buy. You will get not only 1 game, but you will get a growing number of games. Therefore a tip of my hat to Taleworlds and their modding community.

ThatUDLegacy, Apr 27, 2017

One of my favorite games of all times, 7 years old and still has over 5k players, just shows its play ability, have over 700 hours of gameplay, a must buy for me.

TheResistStance, Aug 8, 2012

This game is easily the best first person medieval game i have ever played, not only does it have a great single player but also a highly addictive multiplayer. A must have PC game

panzerboy39, May 19, 2015

To the Guy who gave the game a zero, please stop writing reviews. No game is a zero. I gave this game a 9 because it captivated my attention for over a month and rewarded my time with a really engrossing RPG experience. It is not perfect, graphics are not great and for beginning players you can feel really lost and I could see some dropping out because of this. But for those who stick around and give it a go, it is very rewarding. I actually stopped playing because I realized how much more time was required to make it to the next steps of actually becoming a major player in the game. I will go back though, that is for certain. just after my GTA 5 addiction subsides......

Muuvinki, Mar 31, 2013

Great game, picked up for 10 euros and got way much than i expected. Played over 80+ hours and still loving it. Game is challenging and very fun at the same time.

PlayerReview, Nov 13, 2012

This isn't for anyone. It reminds me of the Total War series... for whatever reason I get addicted to this stuff like crack/cocaine. Sub-par graphics... yet, extremely rewarding for the nerdiest among us. This game is hard to stop playing (in a good way). I am just playing vanilla (100+ hours) and have sampled the Floris mod (unrelated, but I don't like the overhauled tournaments in the floris mod).

MeningsMod, Feb 6, 2012

First downloaded a demo of this game, seemed fun. Then bought the whole game, seemed fun. Then played singleplayer... got borring pretty fast. Then played multiplayer, gamed seemed pretty lame (to say the least). This game looks and feels like an Alfa version. Bugs like arrows stopping in mid air!!?! WTF! Overpowered weapons, pick-up of items is a mystery, bunny hopping to avoid arrows??! Slow swing/fast swing never knowking when, and the list goes on. So much potential, so many bugs... What a shame. When they release the final version (un-bugged), I will give it a go. This game is just pure crap... People, do your self a favor, do NOT buy this game. (Yes, they want money for a alfa version).