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Mount & Blade Calradia is a land at war, a land offering great riches and even greater dangers to the adventurers and mercenaries that flock to shed their blood on its soil. With unerring courage and a strong sword, an unknown stranger can make a name as a warrior. Raise a band of hardened soldiers, become the lord of several towns and castles, and perhaps one day you may wield the power to depose kings and crown new ones at a whim. Free-form sandbox gameplay. You are free to go anywhere and do anything you choose in a world that has more than a hundred unique locations, including villages, castles and towns. Unique horseback combat. You are able to attack your enemies on your horse, whether you’re swinging a sword, holding a lance or unleashing arrows. Highly advanced, sophisticated and intuitive sword-fighting system. Fight on horseback and on foot using an expansive variety of medieval weapons, each with their own unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Be anything from a lonesome adventurer to a commander of armies or an owner of villages, castles or towns. Sophisticated AI that will provide a challenge both in combat and in the strategic realm. Freedom to interact with hundreds of characters, including kings, lords, ladies, commoners as well as heroes you can take on as companions, each with their own personality. [Paradox Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4923
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive , GamersGate / Taleworlds
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Mount & Blade reviews ( 6 )

DrokDrok, Sep 22, 2008

Rpg, medival tactical battel, trade simulation, best combat simulation since severance bod, absolutely free world, party-member interaction etc. etc. etc... what can I say: finally somebody didn't bother coming up with the hottest latest best fancy whatsoever grafical cinematic wonder cgi that is outdated 3 month after release but instead took the time of development to create something more persistent: this will be played when no one remembers shadermodel 3 or GeForce9x ... Its about gameplay and fun, not about a mindless hardware stresstest! Perfect!

FredF., Feb 15, 2009

I'm 38. I'm as old as you can be and still be a gamer for most of my life. I've seen the PC game rise, expand, and stagnate since I had my old C-64 back in the early 80's. This game gives me hope that PC gaming isn't being totally destroyed by design by committee crap that needs to be dumbed down enough for the Xbox crowd. M&B is the BEST game I've played in 10 years and I've played a bunch. Just get it, you won't be disapointed.

CriticalTrout, Jul 30, 2011

Like the majority of users, i dont think this game is half-assed atall. Its momentum based combat system is fast paced and unique, there is a large variety of things to do, if you actually try to raise an army and I dont see the seige mode as a huge problem, because if their archers are taking your men out as they climb the ladder, put it upon yourself to kill them with a bow, and if you dont have a ranged weapon with you, then why are you even seiging a castle? Duhhhhhhh, theres gona be nooooo archers guarding the walls. Get an f'ing clue retards, the game does have many flaws, I admit, but some of the accused flaws are not the games, they are yours. Learn to play.

BrendanH., Feb 28, 2009

I really love this game, its got great combat systems. also I love owning your own cities and armies, its great. The only reason that i didnt give this game a 10 is that I dont have fun playing as anyone but a commander, i find everything else boring. but commanding is great, you can really affect the way things turn out in the big picture. And when it comes to graphics, they are adequate, but graphics dont matter as much as gameplayy

paradoxon, Nov 30, 2013

just recently discovered this diamond amongst indie games and i love it. The by far best mounted combat sim (not RPG) i have ever seen. Don't expect pretty graphics or a compelling storyline, but if you're into realistic medieval combat this is the Game you are looking for. I would give it a 10/10 but M&B:Warband is even better and i'm missing a multiplayer mode which allows you not only to play the combat but also a campaign in coop.

Hexxer, Sep 27, 2008

Do yourself a favor, don't buy this game. The developers of this game seem to think that making a game is simply to create a simple engine without deep thoughts into the details which are so important. Ever seen horsemen climb steep rocky mountain terrain before? Here you will. Ever seen how developers get lazy at listening to your own ideas of a game you'd want to play and slack off when releasing an unfinished game? Here you will. If you never played a single game in your life, you might like this game because you have zero experience in game. If you've been a gamer for most of your life, you'll find that Mount and Blade just plain sucks. It does not deliver what it promises.