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MouseCraft Ever wondered what a cross between Tetris and Lemmings would look like? Well, wonder no more, 'cause... MouseCraft is here! MouseCraft is an A to B puzzle game where players help mice in their relentless quest for cheese by stacking the world's most famous blocks: Tetrominos.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1388
Genre General, Puzzle, Miscellaneous, Action
Company / Developer
Crunching Koalas / Crunching Koalas

MouseCraft reviews ( 4 )

Heelover, Jul 12, 2014

As a former Lemmings player I expected this game to be good. It was very good value for money. Combining Lemmings with Tetris and putting that concept into perspective really does make it a great looking puzzler. The Graphics are great, tutorials are easy to follow, and sharp controls. The Learning curve isn't too steep; it is just right. I particularly love the level editor. It's very easy to create levels and certainly a fun idea to experiment with different elements. Very easy and fun to experiment with, and you can be as ambitious or as simplistic as you want. You can choose one of four backgrounds (which also affect the look of the terrain) and how long you want your level to be. The only downfalls are that you can't create high levels and that there is no multiplayer whatsoever. Despite that however I believe this is overall a solid puzzler that's worth a try.

jessicadennis, Oct 17, 2014

I had been looking for something like Lemmings, which I have hugely-positive nostalgia-feelings about, and one of my friends recommended I check this one out. I'm so glad I did! The art style has a lot of the charm of the original Lemmings, and the gameplay is interesting and progressively challenging. In short, it's a delightful time-waster!

Driftic, Jan 6, 2014

Mousecraft is a mix between a puzzle platformer and Tetris. You have to guide a number of mice through different levels without them dying. game has a nice art design and the gameplay is smooth. However, it becomes repetitive after the first hour and sometimes becomes frustrating if you get stuck on a level.

bigsilverhotdog, May 5, 2016

I have a very high level of regret that I purchased this extremely poor quality game. I had hoped for an intellectual strategic puzzler but instead I got a hyperlinear mobile-looking quasi-puzzle borefest. I cannot understand any praise this game receives. The levels are incredibly limited, tediously designed, and monotonous. The game utterly lacks charm. The main character doesn't speak, instead preferring to constantly gesture crazily like he's possessed by Cat Satan. The mice are too stupid to be lab rats. One block up, 3 blocks down, and walk back and forth otherwise. Now go place some tetris pieces in exactly the order that the developers intended so the mice can pick up all the powerups and reach the platform. Who likes that? A puzzle game is supposed to offer puzzles. This game just wants simple sequence recreation. If you find this game engaging or challenging then I can only suggest less medication, or possibly a return to primary school. After about 20 levels I ran into a game ending critical flaw wherein icons in the game could no longer be clicked on. This completely prevented me from continuing the game, and for that I'm actually grateful, as there was no way I was getting my money's worth from Mousecraft even if I played it for the rest of my life. Even on mobile this game would be below average. It's 15 USD at retail and it's not worth 3 USD. Don't make the stupid mistake that I made and purchase it. Just leave it there on the shelf. It looks far, far more interesting than it actually is.