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Mr. Robot Asimov is a lowly service mechanoid aboard the interstellar colony ship Eidolon. Carrying hundreds of frozen human colonists to a new world. When the Eidolon's computer brain malfunctions, it falls to Asimov to undertake a perilous journey through the bowels of the massive ship to save his robot friends and the precious human cargo. Solve puzzles. Overcome obstacles. Hack hostile networks. Evade crazed robots. Save the mission. [Moonpod]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1058
Genre Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Moonpod / Moonpod

Mr. Robot reviews ( 7 )

HarryWebbinger, Jul 24, 2011

It´s shiny, but not stupid-brutal surface-stuff. I just began to play Mr. Robot for some hours, and I like the kind of independent game idea & realization. It all has character. the figures, the game-play, the first crashes (of the figure play) ....So, I´m still in tension, what comes more, and how funny it is...

Shimmy, Jan 1, 2010

I really disagree with all the other reviews. This game is pretty nicely made. It's an independent game first and for most. You have to play it with a joypad if you want to enjoy it to it's maximum potential. THe game is set in an isometric map platform style akin to the old school super mario rpg on the snes. The developer has a cool sci fi type story woven into all the action. Bottom line is: if you like platform gaming get this game it's pretty responsive, the witty puzzles are really nice to solve and it will challenge your reflexes,old school platform style. The fighting has some jrpg elements which is fantastic. The graphics are low budget but serve the game pretty well. Overall, very pleased with the game, it is not high on production value,but has old school charm. Play the demo and judge for yourself if the price of admission is worth it.

hellznrg, Sep 6, 2010

excellent game, for the low price. loses a few points for too much backtracking, bad controls, somewhat samey & repetitive combat (in cyberspace). Good 3D isometric view, however can't see behind obstacles, and hard to judge heights, and alignment etc (hard to describe this problem).. Also too many empty and pointless looking corridors

thebluerider, Jul 17, 2012

Very much enjoyed the mix of puzzle, round-based strategy and RPG. This game looks ugly but is alot of fun to play. Only thing I didn't like was the lack of challenge in general and the repetitive combats.

JayleE., Aug 9, 2007

A frustrating, disappointing example of 'kitchen sink' design-- and that's even before you run into the JRPG minigame inside. The platforming section, which composes most of the game, suffers from slippery controls which will send you sliding into myriad death-traps and falling off of narrow ledges in the middle of jumping sequences, complicating trial and error puzzle solving with frustrating repetition and inconvenience. Inconvenience is unfortunately the watch-word for this title, as it extends beyond simple puzzle repetition. Many puzzles include enemy robots in addition to environmental hazards; most sorts follow predictable patterns, but some move randomly, and the latter turn proper puzzles into a matter of luck. Contact with any enemy robot will damage you, and enough damage will remove one of your three lives. 'Energon', which is scattered throughout the puzzle rooms, repairs damage and replenishes lost lives... but also functions as currency for the battle game. Essentially, poor performance (or poor luck) in the platform game is punished by reducing the already finite amount of currency available for gear in the combat game. The save/reset system confuses and compounds this by having two different reset functions. The first merely resets the current room's puzzle-- damage taken and energon gathered remains unchanged, which is once again little more than a punishment for poor luck. Resetting to the last waypoint does remove damage taken, but waypoints tend to be placed in such a manner that going back to one forces the player to traverse two or three puzzle rooms all over again. Needless to say, this can complicate casual play as well. The visual presentation is gorgeous, from the robots themselves to the shading on wall textures. Unfortunately, the decisions behind the mechanics turn what could have been a fun, casual game into a morass of pixel-perfect jumps, unpredictable obstacles, and repetitiveness.

BenB, Aug 16, 2009

mediocre at best. I do not see where the high scores are coming from. Like the other reviewer said the platforming is very erratic due to "sliding" it feels like you are playing on ice. This, combined with the unfriendly robots hindering you in your platforming make for a difficult game. The checkpoint save system forcing you to restart most of the time from waaay back make for a very frustrataing game. The flaws are not made up by a story that pulls me in, it's the good old computer AI gone bad story told a thousand times before.

DaniB, Nov 29, 2009

Very disapointing game. I pucharsed because i like to support indipendement games. Its very boring, always the same, and frustanting. This game is like a game from 80s. BEWARE OF the METACRITIC. This one lies to me. Sorry for my poor english