MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch Crack/Patch

MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch Finally take control of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch and play as any one of over 20 celebrities to rumble in some of the greatest battles in the ring. Announcers Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez provide color commentary as you rock in this first rate bloodbath coming to consoles this Spring. Episode Mode: Choose one of three different character match-ups. Nick and Johnny provide pre, post, and play-by-play commentary. Over 20 celebrities to choose from including, some never before seen in the TV show. Other characters are also available from show specials. Original show hosts Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez provide color commentary while ref Mills Lane calls the shots. [Gotham Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 32 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1297
Genre Action, Fighting, 3D
Company / Developer
Gotham Games / Big Ape Productions

MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch reviews ( 3 )

HASHISH_LV, Sep 19, 2011

I really do love this game, it's my favourite on ps2 :D I used to sit my ass in front of TV and play this until i had enough gore......................................................

KavveenK., May 23, 2006

tHIS GAME is excellent who said this game sucks.Man this game is the best for knifing.To bad it is not suitable for children with all the gore. Go charlie its your birthday we going party like its your birthday

CalleW., Nov 11, 2003

Well , i think this game is for age 5-10 because you can finish this game in 1hour and you don't get that clay feeling. Another thing is that if you create-a-celebrity there are only 2 fight set to choose from....really bad....