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Mulaka Dive into northern Mexico's breathtaking landscapes with Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 680
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Lienzo / Lienzo

Mulaka reviews ( 2 )

OsoPolar, Apr 12, 2018

Bien, el videojuego es decente, tiene un error muy feo en el segundo jefe el cual necesita ser arreglado y por lo que estuve jugando por horas para utilizar el poder del ave y acabarme el maná de este para poder seguir con el juego, el resto del juego está bien, los controles no son los mejores pero están decentes, los enemigos son bastante buenos y son muy originales, el estilo gráfico es muy bueno y el juego tiene una optimizacion increíble.

SuperkenGaming, Mar 3, 2018

Mulaka is an 8 hour long action adventure game set in northern mexico where you play as Mulaka, a shaman that sets out to gather abilitites from demi gods and rid the land of these creatures terrorizing his people.. This game is a bit all over the place, up and downs in terms of quality and delivery, but overall is a really enjoyable and hard to put down experience.. Mulaka is a game all about map cleaning and gathering.. There are 7 levels here all with the same goal Gather 3 gems to unlock a gate and move onto the next area… Though these 7 levels are not equal in their quality… My favorite levels and the majority of these levels are set in a small open world.. and when I mean small, I mean like really really small yall not much exploring to do here at all which is a shame You have an ability know as Sukuruame vision that will point you in the direction of nearby collectables and locations of these gems but will also show oyu the health of enemies you run into along your way… Mulaka does a great job of spreading out its enemy encounters… There are enemies running all over the map, but engaging in combat is only required usually only when theres a reward at the end of the fight.. Though if youd like you can grind enemies for their Korima as there is a light rpg element sprinkled in here as youre able to upgrade your health, magic, and spear.. Your spear is used for flying enemies and hitting targets to unlock new paths and your magic is used for animal transformations that are used for unlocking certain paths… Youll run into many collectables throughout your journey that you cant reach until you unlock a certain demi gods transformation as the story progresses.. Youll be able to turn into a bird to fly, a bear, a snake, and a jaguar.. And youre able to call on these tranformations during battle… Or you can stick to just using your spear and filling up a meter for a finishing move… Comabt here is definitely challenging.. it never feels like button mashy busy work.. youre constantly enagegd especially later on in the game as youre dealing with multiply enemy types.. youll be switching between light and heavy attacks dodging and rolling and using different forms to take these enemies out.. And to help you in combot there is a light crafting system here where you gather a material and it goes towards automatically crafting a potion for rage, health, a bomb or shield.. and learning to master using these tools takes some time as your charcter has to do a dance that feels like it goes on for 5 hours to call in health or a shield… and these dances can be interrupted and annoyingly will use up the consumable even if you don’t get its full effect… The length it takes for your tools to hit you with some health or a shield is one of the most frustrating things about this game.. but it isn’t thee most frustrating thing.. that award goes to this games platforming As hinted earlier, not every level here is an open world styled map cleaner section.. There are a few levels in here whos focus is promairly platforming and every one of them is awful.. Mostly thanks to the games magic system.. There are definitely some frustrating moments here as this games paltofmring feels floaty and unpolished on its own.. but the worst is one of the last levels of the game youll be climbing a watertfall as you switch between 2 different animal forms… This is made difficult by the fact that your magic is being drained while youre in form, so you have to try and angle your character right to pick up refills, but its mostly made frustrating because of how unresponsive changing into the jaguar is.. it rquires a prompt of pressing two action buttons.. one of the buttons on its own turns into bird form.. so as you can guess, mashing buttons trying to get this to work leads you to having less magic to get through a section.. which means a tonsof failing, hoping you land in water so you can respawn at the top and not have to make the climb again from the bottom… This of course could’ve been fixed with tranformations being tied to an action plus trigger command for example instead of two actions, but with patience its doable, and the section isn’t as long as it seems while youre doing it My biggest complaint though is just how inconsistent these levels are… the world ultimately feels so small and empty with only a puzzle or 2 to do in each, and they feel smaller and smaller.. Theres not much going on in this world at all.. Until you finally open the gate to move on.. this is when you have to take down that levels boss… Each one feeling completely different from the last and are some of this games best moments… They break up the pacing of item collecting and enemy slaying and putting your combat and item timing to the test… The boss battles here are thankfully more fun than difficult and feel just as big and as important as the main levels themselves.