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Murderous Pursuits Murderous Pursuits is a kill-or-be-killed Victorian stealth-em-up for 1-8 players in which you must hunt and kill your quarry before your hunters do the same to you, all while avoiding witnesses.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 45
Genre Action, General
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Blazing Griffin / Blazing Griffin
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Murderous Pursuits reviews ( 2 )

TheProGamer-, May 10, 2018

Take the premise of Assassin's Creed multiplayer and that is pretty much this game. The art style is great along with the pleasant vinyl soundtrack gives it that old Victorian Britain style. It has a steampunk feel to the game. Albeit the graphics aren't all that great. The game, after about an hour, gets very repetitive and find yourself asking why are you still playing with very little to gain from the game. For what the game is all about, and it's a simple idea, it's very pricey. The matchmaking is very poor and sometimes just can't enter a match. It is good if you find yourself without a game and want to kill an hour or so. The idea is good but could have had a lot more added to the game.

NightGeisha, Mar6, 2019

Murderous Pursuits is an interesting "kill-or-be-killed" multiplayer game ideia. I consider it only an interesting "ideia", because the execution lack some touch... Graphically the game is OK, with an interesting art style. But unfortunately the game is repetitive and even boring after a few hours. And in addition to that I try the game in different hours and it is not always easy to find other players online to play it. Unfortunately my playing experience was poor and the game was weak and could not hold my interest. Due to that I do not recommend it.