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Mutant Football League Mutants and monsters unleash maniacal carnage on the gridiron in this crazy gore fest of arcade-style football. Packed full of humor, intense online multiplayer action, and strategy.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1181
Genre Sports, Team, Football, Arcade
Company / Developer
Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC / Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC
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Mutant Football League reviews ( 6 )

MFLfan, Dec 26, 2017

10/10 hands down the best football game since the org do not pass this up grab a few friends a few drinks and get ready for some football!!! Blood..gore.. trash talking and just 100%fun!!!

Howarddrybones, Dec 25, 2017

I been a fan of the org as a kid and this reboot is my new fav game I love it so much I can’t stop playing it’s true to the org with extras even has the NBA JAM Announcer so you know “its on fire!!!!” A must play!! The kid inside me is super excited BOOM SHOCKALAKA !!!

Christian1982, Dec 26, 2017

Don’t miss out on this game if your a fan of the org on sega gen you will want this in your life! Perfect couch co op game none stop fun I played for hours with s buddy let me tell you this is something magic from the org creator

MrPopoJunior, Jan 2, 2018

The best American Football game on PC right now. MFL's gameplay and graphics are on another level in comparison to it's competitors on steam. If you have played the NFL Blitz games, you will enjoy this game. MFL feels like a return to arcade style sports games. If you're looking for an American Football game on PC that isn't just a team manager sim, then MFL is your best choice. With a good amount of content already in-game, alongside more free content coming in later updates; Mutant Football League will become an even better game throughout 2018.

Chubzdoomer, Dec 26, 2017

Mutant Football League is the definitive spiritual successor to the original Mutant League Football on the Sega Genesis. If you're a fan of MLF or even NFL Blitz, you will love this game. Designed by Michael Mendheim, creator of the original game, MFL boasts countless throwbacks to the Genesis classic while also bringing many new features to the table. Yes, you can still kill players to knock them out of the game--permanently. And yes, you can still bribe (and murder, if necessary) referees. But there's more. One of the most significant additions is a vile, vulgar, utterly hilarious commentary team voiced by none other than Tim Kitzrow, whose iconic work in such arcade games as NBA Jam and the aforementioned NFL Blitz speaks for itself. If you've never played the Sega Genesis game and aren't sure what to expect, here's a quick rundown: Mutant Football League is a violent, fast-paced, 7-on-7 American football game in which over a dozen teams comprised of skeletons, robots, superhumans, orcs, and aliens quite literally fight it out for victory. Fields are littered with deadly hazards like mines and buzzsaws and teams can even call "Dirty Trick" plays like "Shotgun," which makes the quarterback whip out a literal shotgun. There's also plenty of post-play fighting, so don't be surprised if a linebacker elbow-drops your star quarterback right to the morgue well after the whistle is blown! Offline you can play against the AI in one of several different modes, ranging from a one-time exhibition game to a full-fledged 13-game season (playoffs included, if you qualify for them). There's also local multiplayer/couch co-op, meaning you and up to three other people can play with or against one another. Online play is currently limited to 1v1, but the developers hope to expand on it in the near future. The game looks and feels surprisingly polished and is incredibly fun to play. The controls are responsive and intuitive and the AI can put up one heck of a fight. There's also a nice variety of teams and fields/stadiums. Additionally, there are plenty of options that allow you to drastically alter the experience. Don't like losing players permanently? Turn on resurrection, and they'll be restored the very next down. Don't like trick plays? Turn them off, and you'll never be crushed by a gigantic defender ever again! More content is also on the way, with demons and werewolves coming post-launch free of charge. Mod tools are also planned, which is incredibly exciting for obvious reasons. Bottom line: As I said at the very beginning, if you're a fan of the original Mutant League Football or even NFL Blitz, you will love this game. It is fast, and it is violent. It will make you laugh, and probably even cry (losing a star player early in the game is never an easy pill to swallow). But most of all, it will make you realize that it doesn't take a massive team with a ginormous budget to produce an outstanding football game that delivers hours upon hours of fun.

PMcKenzie2004, Dec 25, 2017

This is an excellent update to the original 1993 Sega Genesis game. The fun factor is high, and the morbid sense of humor and blatant (legal!) cheating that made the original game so unique. Computer AI is challenging but beatable. The graphics are solid, with the stadiums being unique and well-detailed. Controls are very good; a game controller is strongly recommended.