Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Seed of Evil Crack + Keygen Updated

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Seed of Evil See what happens after the ending of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. Continue into a new future for Bormin, Dux, Pripp and all the others at the Ark. How will they deal with what they have learned?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 44
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactics
Company / Developer
Funcom / The Bearded Ladies Consulting
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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Seed of Evil reviews ( 5 )

davzarek, Aug 17, 2019

I love the setting and the revisiting of the old maps I just like it as a mini adventure - a DLC is a small adventure and not a new game. However - the story is not as epic - which is totally understandable. Running through lesser PVE content is super satisfying and I wished for more Mohaha! I miss a bit of a story here - just 5 minutes more of video should have accomplised that. Else I like the balanced new weapons and recognize most DLCs spoil you completely with new and more powerful items that off balance the game. The different Easy normal hard etc settings change a lot how you play - I play more like a movie - Easy setting and PEW PEW PEW to discover all the content and finish quick to see the story. I think there is a lot more here if you increase difficulty - but this DLC was almost perfect for me.

Sinatra, Jul 31, 2019

I loved Mutant year zero - road to eden. With seed of evil you´ll get a new story, new maps and revisit some locations from the original game. I really like the gameplay, the amazing ambience/mood of the game and the good dialogs. BUT...... seed of evil feels rushed and totally not balanced: - there are some improvements to skills which I could max out immediately (as you continue playing with the old characters).... really??? At the end - without doing all the side missions - I had an average of 34 (!!!!) unspent skill points per character that I could not use!!!!! - There are some new weapons, but none as good as what you already have (at least as far as what I found) - No new armor, but at least some really nice and useful hats/helmets (especially if you value movement and weapon range) - Do you remember how important it was to scavenge as much as possible, because you always needed scrap and weapon parts? Well, not anymore.... As you do not find anything useful, weapon parts become obsolete. In the shop there are no new weapons to buy. Trust me, I rushed back to the Ark every time the game told me, that there were new items in the shop... but the only weapon I could buy was the crossbow that Dux has from the very beginning. So I finished the game with almost 1000 scrap and 600 weapon parts... (just bought a couple of medkits and some grenades) I wonder how the dlc has such a poor balance, having had such a great one in the original game.... All in all, the dlc is still fun, but if you expect the same quality as the main game then you´ll be disappointed. At least I am....

Bertram_Kerwin, Aug 24, 2019

Spoilers!! The combat mechanism in main campaign is pretty sloppy and now this water down DLC. Instead of knowing more background about the ancient, this DLC leads us to fight a talking plant, what a joke. 90% of new weapons are trash except Wraith, which is rifle with silencer, others are useless pistol that won't help a stealth game like this. Why gives us an additional level 30 character when other team members are close to 70. Optional revisiting maps are a living prove how lazy this new content could offer.

Prometheus1241, Jan 19, 2020

This is a very BAD dlc, and unless you want to know the story, i do not recommend you to buy it. The thing is that DLC forces you to do grind. It looks like this: you go to the new DLC locations, and then appears a windows like "there are enemies conquering territories near base( the locations, which were used in the main game)" and you HAVE to go and clear it, because if you are not-you will be overleveled by enemies in the necessary DLC locations. Awful!

iozay, Dec 17, 2019

They tend to make decent games but their support is horrible (I'm literally waiting since 2017 to get someone to properly handle an issue which makes them the worst company I have ever dealt with).