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MVP Baseball 2004 Step up to the plate with MVP Baseball 2004. The fundamentals of hitting, pitching, fielding, and base running have been reproduced like never before to give you complete control over every aspect of the game. From swinging for the fences or protecting the plate when you have a two-strike count, the all-new batting model provides unprecedented command of each type of swing in every situation. With great gameplay and many additional features such as Pitching Challenge and Dynasty Mode, MVP Baseball 2004 wins the pennant as the most innovative and realistic baseball experience ever created. Groundbreaking Hitting Control: From hitting to the opposite field to pulling the ball down the line to swinging for the fences, every swing type is included. You Control the Field: Leap over the wall and rob home runs, hook slide to avoid tags, and take out the catcher at home with all-new player control. Pick Your Park: With all-new crowd chants, the addition of classic stadiums, and new lighting to signify various start times for your biggest games, MVP Baseball 2004 puts you in the best seat in the house. Your Dynasty Begins Now: Take full control of your franchise on all the levels -- from the minors to the pros. Play, sim, or manage each game all the way to the World Series. Swing for the Fences Online: Go yard against players across the country in one-on-one or Tournament games, while talking up your game with EA SPORTS? Talk [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1373
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Baseball, Sim
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
EA Sports / EA Sports
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MVP Baseball 2004 reviews ( 4 )

JeffJ., Nov 24, 2004

This game is unbelievable. I'm anxious to get my hands on the next product to see where they go from here with the features of the current year's game.

DougD., Mar 12, 2004

This game has brought the gameplay aspect of baseball games to new heights. The pitching system is undoubtedly fun, and very realistic. On opening day I had Pedro with 12 K's through 7, and when I brought him out in the 8th, I noticed it was getting harder and harder to place the ball, leading to two singles and my yanking of him. Fielding grounders has never been more fun, even diving for that fly ball can make your heart skip a beat. If you were to just give me the actualy gameplay, I would rate this game a 10.5/10. However, there are some drawbacks. Most notably is the absence of all players not registered with the MLBPA, Barry Bonds is one, and Kevin Millar is another. There are many more, this should not count against the score of the game however since none of the other games in the genre carry these players either. Another is the Dynasty Mode. At 120 years (ridiculous!), it can keep you playing for months. However, you are forced to play a 162 game schedule. You cannot set the length of the season, forcing you to use their "Momentum" meters. Pretty much, each game is rated in importance 1 to 10. The more important games you win, the more momentum you gain, the more momentum you gain, the better chance you win simulated games. Forcing you to simulate games against the tigers, devil rays, and reds and playing games against teh A's, Yanks and Braves. I wish you could have set a season length of 30 or 40 games (like in high heat), and just played out the entire season. Another fault is the complete lack of statistics. They keep stats during the season but not year to year. Therefore, at the beginning of your second season in dynasty mode, you cannot see how your players in your lineup faired the year before. This is a pure console port, they did not put anytime into upgrading the interface in the matter of statistics or the GUI. Weird things like having to click on a player, then hit the "select" button, and then select another player and then select the "substitute" button could have easily been redone. Overall, I think it's a game that will keep people coming back for the incredible gameplay it offers, I have never had more fun in game. It will not however satisfy my baseball Sim/Managing instincts. Its clunky interface makes it difficult and the lack of year to year stats makes the dynasty mode a little empty.

GuyIncognito, Mar 14, 2004

Only play this on the PC if you have the proper gamepad, otherwise you will hate this game. I only got into it after I hacked the registry so that my unsupported gamepad would work. One thing that pisses me off is that they don't show the catcher throwing the ball back to the pitcher after a pitch. What the hell is that? Also, you'd think there would be more animations and whatnot since it seems like you see the same ones over and over again.

AndrewM., Jun 9, 2004

What a pathetic marketing attempt by EA sports...Absolute feel and contol over your batting! button when ball comes to you...what a crock of s. Truely the worst EA sports title I have ever played...what's more it cost $70. When you press swing and aim at a ball (that has no sense of direction, speed or height) you would expect the batter to swing yes? well no, he pulls out of the swing to avoid striking out...even when the BALL IS IN THE STRIKE ZONE! This title annoying at best....such a shame.