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My Time At Portia Start a new life in the enchanting town of Portia! Restore your Pa's neglected workshop to its former glory, grow crops, raise animals, befriend the towns quirky inhabitants and uncover the mysteries this charming post-apocalyptic land has forgotten!
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 78
Genre Simulation, Virtual, Virtual Life
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Pathea Games / Pathea Games
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My Time At Portia reviews ( 7 )

Kunray, Feb 15, 2019

f you like to craft, quest, gain relationships, have kids this is for you. The background music is very peaceful and happy and some builds are actually a challenge. I also love the art style and so many different possibilities in this game. I highly recommend this game. It is worth buying it.

nd_, Aug 23, 2019

Love playing managementsimcraftingrpg? Upgrade to My Time at Portia - get 3d life instead of pixel imitation - grow crops and animals, get comissions, get to know the new world.

durthacht, Jul 20, 2019

Lots of fun to be had with this game. It's not perfect as it has some glitches, but is relaxing to play with an interesting storyline. Highly recommend.

RadLad, Feb9, 2019

Ugh I wish this game had an online feature :/ The game is very fun when you start off but it makes you wonder what it'd be like if you can invite a buddy to hop on with you.

otterone, Dec 15, 2019

Quite cute graphics and characters, a fair amount of things to do at least for a short while. The game revolves around accepting quests from the villagers and crafting to fulfill those requests, which is one of this games biggest shortcomings. The concept is fine, but crafting itself consists mostly of throwing materials at a crafting table and just waiting hours and hours of in-game time. What should be the main attraction of the game simply is not fun after the first couple hours of gameplay. It would also be nice to see the characters be utilized better. Now only few of them get any proper attention, which is sad considering the vast amount of characters in the game -- not to mention the lack of incentive to actually befriend any of the villagers considering how long it takes to get them to like you. Lastly I think that the mining "mini game" could be improved. Moving around the mines feels a bit buggy and it is hard at times to properly assess what and how far you are hitting.

JonsGone, Apr 10, 2019

Bland artstyle. Trash combat. Slightly interesting characters. Ok crafting. Atrocious SFX. No voiceovers on release. Several bad translations. The game looks like its still in early access.

StonedKrows, Feb1, 2019

Edited: 1st of Febuary I'm really suspicious of the high scores and loving reviews from small sites. It's still missing its sound, still buggy, still crashes a lot, still more grindy than a Korean MMO, still poorly written, still has flat characters with less personality than a British politician, and the company still hasn't paid their employees. I sense shifty dealings, which will only hurt the reputation of these smaller sites. The highest scoring "critic" reviews here are an accurate treatise on which sites you shouldn't trust. I mean, the highest scoring "critic" review is from Game Grin, who even are they? Whereas Destructoid scored this as 55% (trash, essentially). Be wary, and trust the sites you know over aggregates that include no-name critics. Review Date: 25th of January These devs have been outright refusing to pay their employees (especially their voice actors), using shadily worded 'sorry not sorry' excuses as damage control. That's the first thing wrong with this game, and it should be enough for anyone with a conscience to not support it. The second thing is that their marketing team is review bombing other, similar games (Little Dragons Cafe, Harvest Life, and others) to try and reduce the competition. A lot of very similarly worded negative reviews for their competition always ending in 'try My Time at Portia instead.' Yes, try the game made by a shifty developer who pulls this unconscionable nonsense. The third point against the game is that it's incredibly average, as depicted partly by its more believable big name critic reviews. Yet Steam reviews are unwaveringly positive and similarly worded, how interesting. Considering how buggy the game is, with its content, at this time, STILL failing to work right coupled with constant crashing (as noted by the other negative review here)? I'm even a little suspicious by the most positive "critic" reviews from no-name/mostly unknown sites. Were it not for them, the overall score would be sitting somewhere around 40-50, which is much more accurate. And considering the hot mess the game is in, it's even more odd, don't you think? I'm not suggesting fabrication here, just paid reviews, which does happen with these lesser known sites (kind of like how shady, lesser known science journals will publish anything if paid enough). Fourth point is that they're still failing to properly patch their mediocre, supremely buggy game. Probably because their employees are fed up of not getting paid. Fifth point is that the game is still missing almost all of its audio. The majority of sound effects and voices aren't in (due to unpaid employees), yet they still released the game out of early access. It's not a release if your game is almost silent and entirely missing its sound design! Sixth point is thst the game just isn't fun. It's one slog of a grind after another. It's nice if you want to play World of Warcraft in single-player, but otherwise the soul-sucking repetition and padding in lieu of real content will likely leave you feeling exhausted and cynical. There are better titles out there for all that My Time at Portia does, there's truly nothing it does better than any given alternative. Seventh point is that it's really soulless and feels designed by committee. With the dev having had 57 (mostly unpaid) employees, the game is hardly by a small developer, let alone an indie dev. This isn't some spunky small studio looking to make their mark, they have more employees than some triple-A studios. Too many chefs have spoiled the broth, resulting in a bland experience rife with truly flat, one-dimensional characters you can't wait to get away from (I really can't get over how bad the writing is). Basically? This game is a con. One that's conning its buyers with shady marketing tactics, and one that wven conned its creators by stiffing them a paycheck. It seems like those paychecks went to paying off a ridiculous marketing campaign of misinformation. This is not something you should be supporting, and you should be very wary of those who do. You can't say you weren't warned.