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Myth II: Soulblighter Building on the excellent plot and gameplay featured in Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter also upped the ante by incorporating destructible environments as well as new game modes. The near-infinite gameplay permutations that ensued, ensured that Myth fans had lots of new toys to play with in the game world. Myth II also enjoyed a comprehensive update in the shape of the the Myth II expansion pack: Chimera. [Bungie Studios]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1799
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Bungie Software , Bungie / Bungie Software, Bungie
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Myth II: Soulblighter reviews ( 5 )

AnonymousMC, Sep 12, 2009

I have actually played this game from start on - still playing it now. As previous useres have said - the game really is unique - and in my opinion better than any other rts as the fact of building stuff is left out and it's pure micro, amazing ballistics. You can play from big games up to 16 players with a hundred units to very small one's like those ww2 mods where you only control only few units, 1-3 sometimes more. For a beginner there is more than enaugh different maps to play everday a new one. Of course not all the maps are being played, but there is a great variety of plugins that simply give you a change in the scenery, or create a whole new "game" that is played completely different from the so called "regular" Myth. It's not only player vs player but also a lot of co-op playing - and since there are still mapmakers, there are always new maps, for both player vs player and coop appearing ( and there are 100s already waiting to be played ) Unfortunately there are some idiots that shout at new players - for not having played the game for 10 years, ignore them and find yourself someone that teaches you the game and you'll find someone that can provide you with the basics in no time. There's players from all timezones active, most ppl around 1am european time. cu on!

dlighted, Sep 28, 2011

A fantastic game. Fun single player, awesome creative multiplayer. Mods galore. I had years of friendships and entertainment from this game. Pure strategic, tactical, and teamwork fun. Top honors.

Ranulf, Jun 13, 2012

Que de souvenir ... Un genre de stratégie maintenant éteint, malheureusement. C'était surement un des jeux les plus aboutis de son temps.Une durée de vie quasiment infinie et des batailles épiques, non par leurs tailles, mais par leurs intensités.

spzHades, Oct 21, 2017

This game is pure gold. I remember i had so much fun with it, it was so hard and challenging. One of the best strategy games i ever played. It deserves 10/10

JustinV., Apr 16, 2007

BEST game ever. I played when it first came out and it just got better from there. WWII map rock in this game love the rpg flying in the air and killing the other players men in just 20 sec in the match. This game rocks buy it people are still playing.