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Myth: The Fallen Lords Myth is arguably the first real-time strategy game to put the player in a true 3D landscape, with an emphasis on tactical battlefield action rather than base construction. Myth also happens to be one of Bungie's most successful pre-Halo releases, and shows off the company's range and ability in genres outside of first-person shooters. A single player mode features an engrossing and enjoyable plot, with you battling the evil and eponymous Fallen Lords, their evil leader, Balor and all manner of undead creatures, but Myth's multiplayer is where it really stands out.'s game-matching technology has been much-emulated since, and at Myth's release, was something truly special. Multiple game modes including King of the Hill, Steal the Bacon and even co-op added huge variety to what was an outstanding and standard-setting game - and it still is. If ever an older game deserved another visit, it's Myth, with a huge, loyal and highly motivated following. [Bungie]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 93 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1967
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Bungie Software , Bungie / Bungie Software, Bungie
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Myth: The Fallen Lords reviews ( 4 )

Absynce, Feb 25, 2015

this game was awesome, I cant believe no one has matched it since the dark ages of PC gaming when it came out. its like starcraft but without the sim city waste of time "who can hit more keys faster" trash. the point system and actually caring if your troops die was great. need more like this.

Kaprawiec, Aug 11, 2017

Old Bungie Masterpiece, before Halo 4/Destiny. Everything they did back then was pure gold, and this game is no exception. From atmosphere, top notch gameplay, great graphics to one of the best ai i've encountered in games - and im writing this in 2017...

OogieB0ogie, Mar 12, 2015

Myth The Fallen Lords 1 and 2 needs to be REMASTERED AND Released again! Most fun game ever! For those that played it you know what I'm talking about! Best of times KOTH!

iddqd4, Jan 23, 2018

Атмосфера темного фэнтези, первоклассный геймплей и отличная графика, одна из первых запоминающихся компьютерных игр, уведенных где-то в гостях.