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N++ N++ is a fast-paced, action-packed puzzle platformer set in the distant future. You play as a ninja, darting through obstacles, narrowly evading a slew of inadvertently homicidal enemy robots and collecting delicious gold in a minimalist, sci-fi world. N++ is all about smooth physics, deftly controlling the speed and inertia of the ninja,and the awesome feeling of fluidly moving through each level. It's bursting with hundreds of single player and multiplayer levels, each featuring a series of difficult challenges, diabolical traps and a distinct visual style to nimbly soar through. If that wasn't enough, the integrated level-editor allows you to make and share your levels with every other person on the planet.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 92 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1053
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Metanet Software Inc. / Metanet Software Inc.

N++ reviews ( 2 )

MrFettuccini, Oct 16, 2017

REVIEW BASED ON > A few hours in COMMENT "The world's best platformer". At first I thought either the developers are saying big words or are overly confident, but after giving this gem a try, I can confirm: this, the next gen version of N, is the best platformer of all time PROS + The huge game's content + The minimalist approach to design is of near perfection quality + The mix of lounge and ambient music fits as background music in an unprecedented way + The unforgiving gameplay + The community levels CONS - If only there was online multiplayer, if only!

TitaniumDragon, Jan 23, 2017

N++ is a minimalist platforming game. The central "twist" in it is the use of momentum - as you build up momentum, you can run faster, jump higher and further, and fling yourself around a lot faster. This is somewhat at odds with its precision platforming at times, but works reasonably well at others. Sadly, while the levels are okay, the game itself is pretty lacking in character; it is designed to be minimalist, but it ends up coming off as cheap (price-wise, not gameplay-wise - though the latter comes up at times, as the levels get hard fast). It also seems to center around collecting every little gold coin in each level (and there are *lots* of levels), ultimately giving it a somewhat tedious feeling in many cases. It also is far too long for the number of elements it has; it contains thousands of levels, but after it introduces a pretty small number of elements fairly early, it has nothing more to show you, instead replacing variety with sheer difficulty. This isn't an awful game; what it is is mediocre. The level design is okay, but you're not really given any reason to keep playing, and it ends up wearing thin while there are still many thousands of levels yet to play.