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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor All is not well in Blackmoor Manor, a Fourteenth Century English mansion haunted by a tragic past. You, as Nancy Drew, embark on your first international adventure to visit Linda Penvellyn, your neighbor's daughter and newlywed wife of a British diplomat. A mysterious malady keeps Linda hidden behind thick bed curtains. Is she hiding from something or someone, or is a more menacing threat stalking her? Face your fears to find the truth! [Her Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1376
Genre Adventure, First-Person, General, Point-and-Click, Modern
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Her Interactive / Her Interactive
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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor reviews ( 6 )

Rianna, Dec 7, 2004

I enjoyed "Curse of Blackmoor Manor" very much. It took me a total of four days to complete. This game is very challenging and I say that in a positive way. It's a good change from the past games. This one has you set your mind to doing the tasks, overcoming its challenges, and scoping out the culprit. There is an eerie atmosphere, which is completed by the music and the secretiveness of each of the characters. Great graphics and a large screen have helped to improve the game. It is no longer a necessity to call Nancy's friends, which is a nice change. I'm sure that you'll enjoy some aspect of the game, whether it is the music, the setting, the characters, or the deeper secrets that lie within the plot.

AngelaS., Dec 6, 2004

Overall, this game is excellent! It has several new elements that previous Nancy Drew games do not. To begin with, this is the first game to have an animal that you can interact with. Also, this is the first game to have a younger character in the game at all. I really liked this game because it has quite a few games to play and ?tasks? to complete. The characters interesting; however; you don?t get to interact with some of them very often. This Nancy Drew game is definitely one of the scariest and most ?real.? It doesn?t leave you wishing it was longer?it took me the most time out of all the games to complete. I would absolutely suggest buying it!

Max_Fightmaster, Nov 23, 2011

After a long day of working out at the gym, drinking beer, and watching football, nothing compares to the thrilling adventures of Nancy Drew. Me and my buddies get a kick out of solving mysteries in between workout sessions, while the wife makes us some delicious steak. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is tired of all the sissy games that are on the market these days, and is looking for some true, bone-chilling, action.

MarieG., Feb 16, 2005

I love "Curse of Blackmoor Manor"! I thought it was challenging at times but I really enjoy it. I really like the puzzles they have in there. I really thought this game was interesting because the rooms really make you think that you are in a manor and it really makes me curious for what is going to happen next.

sk8rboixx3, Nov 23, 2011

Normally im a fan ofgames like the mw COD series and BFBC2, so when my mom got me this game for getting all as, bs, and cs on my report card I was really pissed off. but as i played this i realized it was rly cool.. its my favorite game now and me and my friends go to my place and play it all the time. its really exciting and very scary. and you cant be a noob to win. id highly recommend to all other people who are good at videogames.

I_Am_Turok, Aug 16, 2012

My third ND game, and by far the best of the so far, and top mark within this genre in general (others were Malloy Castle which was just OK and Haunted Carousel which was quite good but short and fairly easy). But this one easily beats both in terms of puzzles and having your mind being stretched. And for length of game play it is decent too, this will not be solved so quickly as the others. For a 2004 game, it stands up really well in 2012, which is impressive, kudos to the game makers. I'd highly recommend this to kids (9+), noting that they may need help with it, and to adults of all persuasions, a very good example of old-style point-and-click puzzle games when they were done well. I also liked that it tries to obey real time as well, very rare trait in games. The only (-1) was really the forgettable music, which the other games did better but this one falls flat. Ignoring that, a great and addictive game to the end.