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Narcosis Narcosis is a survival story set at the hostile depths of the Pacific Ocean. Stranded after an accident, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his oxygen - and sanity - give out.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1222
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
Narcosis Team , Honor Code, Inc. / Narcosis Team, Honor Code, Inc.
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Narcosis reviews ( 4 )

LaBouleMagique, Apr 25, 2017

If horror-survival games in VR are your thing, Narcosis delivers a linear, weird story that is overlaid with top-notch voice acting. The claustrophobia, the environments, and the hallucinations — if that's what they really are — come together to create an experience that left this diver a bit different than he was before he started.

CarrieNotHere, Apr 7, 2017

Narcosis is not really a survival horror game, more like an improved walking simulator... and a great one. Gloomy, creepy, mind f*cking... One of the best video game experience I had in the last year.

SABlister, Apr 3, 2017

The game lacks the ability to produce the atmosphere a horror adventure stuck in the oppressive atmosphere of being stuck at the bottom of the ocean, alone, with dwindling oxygen should produce. Instead, the game throws in jump scares, occasionally plays with the players perspective, and clunky sea creature encounters. In VR, I'm sure the suit provides a more oppressive atmosphere, but not enough to get past the slow plodding pace and lack luster scares with no impressive technical aspects in either sound or graphics.

dr_zoidberg590, Apr 24, 2017

In a post-SOMA world, this game is unforgivably bad. Dirty tricks played constantly on the player, naff jump-scares, interminable walking speed, a story that practically doesn't exist, buggy, completely punishing nonsensical experience that thinks it's so profound, when it just isn't. Also the graphics are like something from 10 years ago. The corpses just look ridiculous. No way to navigate so you're walking blind at a snail's pace. The game basically suggests that all will be eventually explained if you just plow on, but it never is. Disappointing.