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NASCAR: The Game 2013 NASCAR The Game 2013 lets players take to the tracks and redefine races using the new Gen 6 model cars. Supporting an updated and enhanced paint booth tool, players can customize their Gen 6 paint schemes and import them into the games multiple race modes to show the world their design skills. Supporting the new 2013 roster with all the team and driver changes, players can take their own shot at being crowned the Sprint Cup Series Champion by starting a competitive season as a rookie and racing against their favorite drivers in career mode, or race online with friends.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1467
Genre Driving, Racing, Stock Car
Company / Developer
Eutechnyx / Eutechnyx
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NASCAR: The Game 2013 reviews ( 7 )

XDavidX, Nov 23, 2015

The game is just amazing. I love play this game. For me this game is amazing ! Nothing more to comment because this game is amazing ! I rate this 10/10

jce69, Oct 5, 2013

The game is getting better, after patches tho. I think if they worked on the multiplayer and mimicked Nascar's 2007 career mode, and worked out all the bugs I think they could have a really good game.

jjhill001, Jul 25, 2013

Let me start this off by saying that I am not a NASCAR fan, I get all I know from the sport off of sportcenter when trying to watch something I actually care about. But I do LOVE racing games, I'm pretty damn good at them too. PROs: Having never played a NASCAR game that was actually based on real NASCAR I've got to say that playing with a controller and less control in that big mob of cars trying not to crash at 170 mph is quite frankly one of the coolest experiences I've ever had in a racing game and truly had me on the edge of my seat. The racing experience is rather solid. A career mode is always a good thing and even though it's not fully fleshed out (as far as I can tell I just finished Daytona). Critiques: I'm putting these here because they may not be cons for everyone. I see a lot of reviews on here about how the AI crashes too much. I played my Daytona at 200 laps and almost every caution was my fault. I was in some pretty rough crashes and was able to continue, perhaps if big crashes like this happen you should be out of the race if that's your thing. Cons: It seems as if the game is unfinished almost like the Developers didn't get a chance to add everything they wanted. (wouldn't be the first time a publisher pushed a game out before it was ready.) There have been one or two freezes that were kind of bad. I think that being a rookie driver in NASCAR should be more difficult, I've seen how much trouble Danica Patrick has had making the transition on sportscenter. I'm playing on Hard difficulty and I finished 4th in Daytona simply by making my pit stop times add up correctly and being one of the guys who doesn't pit on lap 195, this could have been because I messed with the gas thing a bit. I'll know the next race. Let me create a driver with a portrait and do interviews and stuff in between races, these kinds of things add to the experience and allow you to make up your own story, having driver rivalries and stuff like that would also be cool. Overall Impressions: It's a solid racing game, with a better career mode than most (it has one). It had me a more tense than most racing games I've playing in a while. I had to actually work to get position despite the aforementioned ease in tricking the AI with pit stops. AI causing crashes there were only 2 in the 200 laps I ran last race, the other 7 were because I tried to move over or my car went a little too high.

xxkennerxx, Jul 24, 2013

The AI in this game is absolutely awful. They constantly cause crashes (every 1-4 laps from what I've seen so far) that barely lets you get any race time in. I spent 1 hour restarting a 5-lap game over and over, trying to get 1 race without an AI-caused caution, and couldn't do it. I eventually had to turn cautions off to make the game playable, and even then they normally cause about 1 red-flag per race (doing 2-5% length races). In terms of gameplay I've seen many instances where I can secure the pole by a hefty margin, but when put into the actual race every single car will out-accelerate my car, even off the start. It makes it feel like the game has shifty biases to try and make it feel like it is more challenging, when really it's just frustrating. I rate at a 3 hoping that multiplayer without AIs will have some saving graces, but how terrible the AI is makes single-player unplayable for me. I would love a refund on this game if I could get one, and I don't think I've felt that way about a game ever before.

flakerumia, Jul 25, 2013

Absolutely terrible game! Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of crazy F1 fans who hates NASCAR. It's just the game... It's just a silly arcade game with good graphics. 10 years old game "NASCAR Racing 2003 season" is still better than this. First of all, AI is terrible and it crashes all the time. Secondly the physics are so unrealistic and forgiving Making a 180mph turn in Atlanta/Chartlotte with full throttle? Sure, why not... still without spinning the car. Of course I'm talking about "realistic" mode with all aids turned off. There are only two cool things about it when we compare "NASCAR: The Game 2013" to NASCAR Racing 2003 season Career mode and proper rules like: GWC finish, double-file restarts and so on. To sum up, don't buy it. Play NR2003 or iRacing if you like racing online.

Motcritic, Nov 30, 2013

This game lacks both the realism to be a simulator and the intensity and fun to be a good game. The graphics don't look very good for 2013, they look like 2007 (give or take) graphics. The gameplay is just about getting a better car and hit the accelerator, if you choose any other difficulty than the hardest it won't be a hard game, but the hardest mode is just impossible to compete at the start of the career. The racing usually goes into a dull car train, no crashes, no cars trying maneuvers, just driving around a track at max speed, really boring. The crash physics are astonishing bad both realistically and graphically, I mean, if you cant make a good racing game, at least give us some eye candy. I chosen full damage options, even then I stop my car in the middle of the track, I get a car to slam into me at 300km/h and the damage on my car was a partially damaged frontal suspension... seriously? seriously?

evanrm, Nov 24, 2013

I'm re-reviewing this game. It is so colossally crap it's almost beyond belief. My car actually stops turning whenever I'm leading the pack. It literally just starts going in a straight line through the turn. What a pathetic game. The dev team ought to be ashamed of themselves. The AI crashes EVERY chance they get. In fact, if you're trying to get away from a crash, the AI just drive directly into you with ZERO braking. And if cars crash, there's a 99% chance your car will get turned around and around while other cars drive into you without even trying to brake. 50% of the time it crashes after a race. It crashes EVERY time after Texas. It now crashes after EVERY race where I get first place, which means it never saves the position and I have to try and get any position other than first. What a s#$! game.