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Naval Warfare "Naval Warfare" is a stylish arcade-action shooter with numerous tactical elements, driven by an entertaining story with beautiful hand-drawn comic sequences also featuring a thrilling campaign mode and various exciting multiplayer modes. The game itself is presented in a fictional Imperial Victorian setting. In a fantasy world of Victorian architecture, war is raging between the industrial superpowers. As Commander of a Naval Super-Destroyer, it is your duty to destroy the enemy's mighty Boss Units in a military campaign of epic proportions in, under and above the surface. If you are to emerge victorious from a variety of challenging scenarios, you must lead your troops against wave after wave of massive attacks from ships, planes and gigantic Special Forces. Key features: - Destructive: Powerful weapons with many lethal upgrades - Comprehensive: Great variety of enemy units with ships, submarines, planes and futuristic vehicles - Explosive: Challenge your friends in the immensely variable multi-player mode or play alongside them against the PC in Co-operational Mode - Impressive: An exciting story-line plus sensational graphics with incredible effects and stylish cut-scenes guarantee maximum enjoyment.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1019
Genre Action, Strategy, Wargame, Shooter, Real-Time, Shoot-'Em-Up, Top-Down
Company / Developer
Games Distillery , Just A Game / Games Distillery

Naval Warfare reviews ( 3 )

Captain_Chaos, Jun 22, 2016

2/13/2012: Naval Warfare, known to console gamers as "Aqua", is a competent and well-executed twin-stick shooter that came in well under my radar. I am fortunate to have discovered it, as it's a satisfying blend of fast action and classy presentation, with beautiful hand-drawn cutscenes and that smoky steampunk taste. It's rare to see such a game put you in control of a boat rather then a land or air vehicle. As you progress through the campaign you are eventually given a choice of three different warships, each with a unique special attack and a wide variety of regular weapons. There's a few annoying escort missions, but most of the time you are on the glorious assault, facing hordes of enemy vessels and those classic, massive shmup bosses.

CRL, Aug 3, 2011

I got Naval Warfare on a Steam sale for $2.50, because that's about what it's worth. It's a fun if a bit generic arcade-style shooter with you commanding a gunship through various watery missions. The graphics are nice, and one of its finer points, but are let down by the shoddy mouse control which screams 'console port'. Control of the ship itself isn't terrible, but it's still obviously console-based. The voice acting is, for the most part, downright awful, but that's the story with many if not most video games. Overall it's a fun way to waste an hour or so, but it's not worth the $10 asking price when there are so many better games out there.

ferretface, Aug 6, 2011

The lack of thought and effort that went into creating this game is immediately obvious by the game loading to black screen if you have more than one monitor hooked up to your computer. The game has been out for months and the only fix available is to disable your other monitor. How I read that is, "Hey we already have your money, so why should we bother making a patch."