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NBA 2K12 The NBA 2k Franchise is back with NBA 2K12.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1193
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Basketball, Sim
Company / Developer
2K Sports / Visual Concepts

NBA 2K12 reviews ( 7 )

SteamOwner, Sep 23, 2012

The game's My Player and Creating A Legend is amazing, and the DLC is worth it. Best 2k game of all time. Everything is a plus and the new Home screen is great. A non-regrettable buy!

Mr_Black, Jan 4, 2012

I have not enjoyed a sports sim this much since Tiger Woods PGA 2003! I was not a fan of NBA 2K11, which I found buggy and clunky. So having now fully played this, it is nothing short of a revelation. Clearly the best basketball game on the pc to date. A genuinely polished product that is as much a delight to watch as to play. Awesomely deep custom modes covering every element of the sport. Responsive control system, and simply a joy to play.

Maxton, Oct 10, 2011

The best sport simulator to date.Good game play changes. Very nice feature like training camp,very useful to learn special movements.But strange blacktop and bad online stability spoils the impression.

Markos--, Jul 21, 2012

My rating would be higher if the game didn't have all those major functional freezes, which throw away all the experience. The game itself, the gameplay, is superb. A wonderful delicattessen for any true basketball fun. You can play tactically and slow, or just run and shoot. The physics, movements, and impacts are greatly done, it is the best basketball game ever by far. But the PC version was released with some major bugs that just ruined the potential perfection.

bowdown295, Dec 20, 2011

Game is fun but so many many technical flaws make this frustrating pretty soon and you will put this game down after the initial experience wears off.First of all I play with the 360 controller which I highly recommend. I cannot speak for the keyboard controls because I havent taken time to get used to them..The gameplay is very smooth and has the most realistic feel than any other basketball game you have played out there...but it is the tiny little things that add up to make you want to put this game away for good..a few examples of which I will share1. On a fastbreak the CPU easily intercepts and controls your passes regardless of how much advantage you had. It takes just one defender standing in the middle of the paint, sticks his arm out and the ball is his almost all of the time unless you pass the ball to a cutting teammate when you are right within layup range yourself. Also the speed at which the CPU runs back on defense does not depend on speed or quickness ratings at all..Even big men will run faster than guards and leave you feeling unsatisfied on the fastbreak so many times because the defense unrealistically tightened up on you when you had a head of steam on them...this really adds up. Fastbreak is one of the most exciting parts of playing basketball in real of video game and if you dont get to have fun with it then you can see how the more grinding parts of playing the game will get to you slowly..2. It is too hard to make a driving layup or slash to the bucket in this game on half court. It is so hard to break someone off the dribble..even the big men...It is so bad that you will end up playing a jumpshot oriented game eventually because of how unfruitful trying to slash to the basket can be majority of the times.3. Trade logic is horribe in Association mode and My player mode..the CPU teams make the most horrendous trades. Completely unbalanced, unnecessary, trading for a player when they dont even need someone who plays his position. CPU teams may end up having a logjam at guard positiion..It just kills the feel of advancing through the game. The NBA teams look like a joke the deeper you go in.4. The game will feel rigged at times. Especially when the CPU is trying to make a comeback. Your wideopen shots will fail but they can hit contested fadeaway 3s.There are many tiny things like this that will turn you off from this game. I am a big NBA fan so it is hard for me to simply let go off this game...but it wont be the same for everyone..A patch is supposed to come out for PC but it wont be for around a month or even more from me writing this review. You cannot leave a game this unpolished and flawed out for users to have to play with...PS: the online feature is garbage and does not work on PC..

mfriis, Oct 15, 2011

Controls are utter feces. Nothing ingame has been changed from the PS3 version and the game wants you to use ASWD and 2486 as analog sticks. Good luck doing a rotating dunk on the numpad.Buy it for a console instead, it's not meant for a PC

ancientgamer2k, Sep 20, 2012

This game is garbage....if you want to play the career mode (My player), avoid it at all costs since you'll just get frustrated. Its scripted, game wins/loses are scripted and there's nothing you as a player can do about it, no matter how well you play. Blocks are scripted, meaning that once you block someone or get blocked, you cant do anything until the blocked player does a 180 around the blocker. Shots are absolutely horrid, there's no sense of control over the player (on average you'll be missing 4-5 out of 10 every time, no matter where you shoot from). Too bad there's no alternative basketball games out there. Guess it makes sense that this game is garbage, lack of competition. I'd give it a -10 if there was such a score.