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NBA 2K13 NBA 2K13 is the follow-up to the NBA 2K12 basketball game. Finally answer the question: Who would win a head-to-head match-up between the 1992 Dream Team and the 2012 team? Jordan vs Kobe? Barkley vs LeBron? Stockton vs Paul?

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 92 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1802
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Basketball, Sim
Company / Developer
2K Sports / Visual Concepts

NBA 2K13 reviews ( 7 )

Sh4rk82, Oct 30, 2012

This game is beautifull! 2k is doing a good job. On platform pc is better of xbox360. You can have a more power graphics! the joipad controll is very good and there are very command options while you played. well done 2K!

sinaminrma, Jul 24, 2013

I think all the game parameter are in a high level, gameplay, sound, graphic all of them are amazing, but the little problem is that in the PC version we see lack of facilities, I hope in next versions it becomes more and more better.

sticky-fingers, Apr 3, 2013

La vraie mise jour du 2K11 part des graphismes inférieurs). Toutefois, des mode de jeux ont disparus, une présentation made in jay-z horrible la hauteur de son talent) et l'IA moins réaliste font qu'il reste inférieur sa version 2011.

LyquidMetal, Nov 1, 2012

DO NOT BUY THE PC VERSION IF YOU WISH TO PLAY ONLINE, EARN POINTS, ETC YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY A FRIEND ON ONLINE....WTF 2K The PC Version of NBA 2K13 is currently missing the following features and modes included in the console versions of the game. Click Read More to see what they are. Game Modes MyTEAM Preorder All Star Weekend (dunk contest, 3pt contest) Game Features MyCloset for MyPLAYER VC Currency System (the game uses the console

Mea988, Jan 6, 2013

For me, the biggest problem in this game is the lack of attention to keyboards' users. Some things are impossible to do with a keyboard. It is a PC game, why do I have to use a controller to play well, and not my keyboard? If I want to play to a game with a controller, I buy a console.

Viperzep, Aug 6, 2013

Scripted game, it's frustrating to play something like this, bad controls, A.I. it's poor, teammates do stupid things all the time, only good things in this game are the dream team and the graphics.

itsacrap, Aug 22, 2013

The game is absolute and utter crap. Piece of PC version ofcourse. Playvision dont work, opponent jumps like crazy and get every ball, tactics most of time dont work so its very fckin hard to do some play. Opponent AI is retarded, also your team mate AI is uber retarded. My carrer is simply said bad and full of crap and yes broken like all in this crap game. Online play lags as 1 out of 10 online matches will not lag. Game cant remember some settings so You must always turn them on. I have played all basketball games and I must say that 2k every year make crapier basketball game and they dont even show some desency to make patch to fix all they do.