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NBA 2K15 On the heels of NBA 2K14s 70 Game of the Year Award Nominations, the NBA 2K franchise is the ultimate basketball simulation experience. Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant on the cover, NBA 2K15 hits the court with unprecedented life-like graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. Take your MyPLAYER on an epic journey from undrafted rookie tryout, to MVP, to NBA Hall of Famer. Park Mode lets you ball against the worlds toughest 2K competitors in cutthroat multiplayer pick-up games. Every jersey, juke, and pom pon is brought to life with unrivaled realism. To top it off, NBA 2K15s music has been curated by famed producer and musician, Pharrell. NBA 2K15 has created a truly authentic NBA adventure. Its up to you to claim your destiny. #YourTimeHasCome
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2060
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Basketball, Sim
Company / Developer
2K Sports / 2K Sports
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NBA 2K15 reviews ( 7 )

Osmanecek, Oct 21, 2014

As a big fan of NHL (hockey) and Premier League (soccer), I wish there was game such a close to it´s reality as NBA 2K15 to basketball. I have owned game from last year and improvement is breathtaking. When I watched youtube gameplays, it looked like NBA 2K14, but once you play it, it is amazing and completely different.. MyGM and Myplayer are modes, which gives me satisfaction just by them selves. There is still Myteam and Mypark, which are just that top of the cake.. Offline play with mates is something, which I enjoy even more (full matches with 12 minutes quarters is must). I do not experience any network difficulties out of something ordinary worth to mention. It is best team sport game on the market right now and set´s the next-gen level, which other franchises will be hopefully able to reach regarding to graphics, sound in 3-5 years. And I am not talking about absolutely brilliant gameplay and AI. Every play you make there on the court is so unique - and that is something, in which NBA 2K15 excels like no other game before. I have preoredered the game, been playing since and I recommend this game to everyone, who likes team sports in general. You will not be disappointed with this Masterpiece, you will be amazed! Please, read this, as it is really not fair to base user score on the things like: 1) My computer is not fast enough for next-gen, so the game is rubbish. 2) Problems with online on first few days, because everything is working well right now. And now my review: I have seen some people to point out the negatives in Mycareer. There has been replacement in Mycareer - First draft has dissapeared (which have to, because of the story..), and talking with GM also - yet to be perfectly honest - how many times did you speak to your coach? Once or twive in whole time? On the otherside randomised interaction with staff, coach, players, that is something much more interesting and I am always looking forward to it. In 2k14 have been stereotype patterns, after game press conferences with boring and useless dialogues. First few games it was interesting, but after while? I have enjoyed much more, when they told me that I am on a cover of 2k15 game, or they have put billboard with my player on the street and these kind of things to mix game a bit. And that is what 2K really worked hard on this year. In 2k15 everything feels unpatterned (so far), on and off-court - almost everything you say and do actually change things about your character and affecting how your player, coach, and the other staff acts in situations on and off court. Miss to many threes and coach will be upset to you, when you back to bench. Do not pass the ball around, and coach and one- most important player in your team will tell you. Do not work well as a team on rebounds, again - coach will be really ... . And that is something, which no-other team sport game came ever close to. On court? Everything is much more about read the situation - in 2k14 you were able to follow same path and get that way points much more easier- it didn´t really matter on what difficulty. AI have been improved so much in this way. In 2k15 you have to be much more illusive and unpredictible, with dribbling, passing, shooting, and deffense. And it is much more rewarding when everything you do works out well. Same as in a real match - sometimes everything is working so perfect, the other time no-matter what, it is so bad and your mates in mycareer doesn´t score single point either. That is something what is going on in mycareer with Orlando Magic - where we occupying last spot from whole NBA - yet, I know it is about team as whole, which is very weak and looking forward to make big line after season and move to some more competetive team. But I do really enjoy game even with Orlando - as it is very close to reality and wondering what it would be like if Howard didn´t go to Rockets and played with me in the same team.. Men, we could make Play-off like nothing.. :D And that is what I am after. I am sure, that diehard fans of the team must have difficult time to accept the reality and therfore in game also. But this is not game about make your team win Play-off after first season, to be honest it is going to be difficult with some teams to get even to Play-off, and that is what is so rewarding about it, you do not have to fight for first spots, there is plenty of challange even on the last spot. 21.10.2014 Update: Ok, after pain in the Orlando - I have moved to Bulls and that is what I am talking about baby, Noah is perfect on Rebounds - in 2k14 I didn´t thing he is any special - but now? I am really glad he is waiting as a shark under basket with very high numbers in rebounds - this was really weak point in Orlando. Same goes with the Layups - Chicago looks really strong side to me. Rose is amazing player. With 12 minutes quarters, whole season in front of me (usualy it takes me 82 day´s to get to Play Off ) and Bulls I am really looking forward to play-offs!

NiandraLaDes, Jun 5, 2015

Take NBA 2k14.... then add like 30 GB to the download, and some cut scenes. Its a great game , better than 2k14 in most of the smallest ways, and cut scenes . Definetly the best NBA game out atm. Even though i rate this game high, i downloaded it played it for a few days then realized this is actually just 2k14 with more cut scenes! then i deleted it to save 30 gb and re downloaded 2k14. Its not enough of a noticeable improvement to be worth anything special but you can lliterally never go wrong with buying the latest NBA game.

FreeS0uL, Oct 21, 2014

This game is as good as last year, frustrated kids blame the game because their PC is crap and ISP is worse and can't handle this game therefore they can't connect to a game (I play offline so I don't care) or because they play with a CONTROLLER on PC which is absurd and not very intelligent, I play with a keyboard and I enjoyed it as much as 2k14. If you're a fan of basketball games with a career mode (which again is very interesting in this game) then you should get it.

salutis, Oct 15, 2014

As a NBA 2K fan, I've played this series since NBA 2K3, I had huge expectation coming into this game but was thoroughly disappointed. Sure the graphics on PC this year is much better, the core game-play is still good, and MT and MC modes are fun. But there are just too many problems: 1. The launch was horrible, till this day I still didn't get my pre-order throwback Durant and two packs, I sent an email to 2K support and hasn't heard back from them in a week and half. 2. The animation "cheese" in the game is worse than any other 2K game I've played, this time the point guard/shooting guard animations are too powerful, CPU players are consistently shooting above 60% on Superstar and HOF difficulties because their point guard can hit almost all mid-range/inside fadeaways and jumpers with a hand in their face. It gets frustrating especially in MC code where if you try to attack the rim, often your player will get bumped into an animation and will miss layups. Even with a lot of contact you will rarely get free throws, it's about the same in simulation mode. 3. The online features are suppose to be good, but again the 2K server has made the multi-player barely playable, at least for the first two weeks, I got disconnected many times and lost my character and save once. I still love NBA 2K series, I just hope there will soon be a patch to address some of theses issues especially regarding the animation and game-play.

OMM, Oct 9, 2014

The game is a fraud for PC players. We were promised all of the features of the next gen console and we got none of them. The engine is just off, no feedback, there is really no weight to any of the players, they all feel like they are ice skating. My Player is linked to your ONLINE guy. The pre order bonus VC is not available. The game looks great but plays TERRIBLE. The issues with defense are worst than last year, you cannot stay in front of your guy. The game is basically a dunkfest. My hardware is I-7 [email protected] on H20, EVGA 780TI SuperClocked, 16GB of ram and 500GB SSD wtih 400GB free and I 250GB SSD system drive.

gabriot, Oct 26, 2014

Is an upgrade form 2K14 even saying much? This game just sucks. Everytime there is an update it just exits you out of the game without warning and you lose your progress while it patches the update. The game is glitch central - you'll be hard pressed to find a game where your entire team doesn't teleport at least once or twice. The controls are just plain horrid. It's like I'm playing in an ice rink with the way your guys just slight away from a quick flick of the control stick. My player mode is once again a joke. Try to guard someone and see just how "fun" this game is on defense. Something as simple as being able to follow someone on D is Dark Souls level hard, not because of actual good game design and challenge, but because figuring out the random ass controls is about as unintuitive as it comes. I guess it would be too much to ask for to be able to just oh I don't know.... HAVE YOUR GUY MOVE ALONG WITH WHAT YOUR CONTROL STICK IS TELLING HIM TO DO. But no, not in this game. In this game if you have the ball near the top of the 3 point line, and you catch a pass where your control stick was even slightly moving backward, you'll get the "pleasure" of watching your guy run all the way into the backcourt and force a turnover, the whole time your control stick will be pressed forward but it won't do a damn bit of good. You'll have the "pleasure" of hitting the block button when someone goes up for a shot, only to have your block register through 2 seconds later, and get minus points for bad block attempt, and letting your man score. You'll have the "pleasure" of performing a dribble move to juke a defender, leaving a wide open lane to the basket, only to have the **** un-cancellable animation of your ball handler take the 2 extra seconds it needs to complete, and by that time your guy will be drawn like a magnet back to his defender. It is the worst controls I think I've ever had the displeasure of having to deal with in a sports game. They've never been good, but this **** company seems to somehow top their awfulness with each successive release of the game. Nothing makes sense in the my player mode either, as per usual with this franchise. When it's time to sub-in, you have to wait to watch the next play before you get to come in, and it's always whomever get's the rebound, randomly calling a timeout. Makes total sense, right? What a great feature, having your gameplay delayed just to watch the absolutely retarded AI retardly play against each other for a possession, followed by a retardedly called timeout, just so you can get in and watch your guy retardedly try and follow what you input into the controls. The game fails on so many levels, but hey, they paid off the review sites so people will keep buying their awful product. Such is the modern state of gaming. Yay.

topotamolder, Dec 23, 2014

Game feels outdated compared to other sports games. They have been using the same engine since the dreamcast-ps2 era. There are no physics on this game, just canned animations. It's the last 2k game I buy until they finally decide to work on improving the game and implement some kind of realistic physics engine, like NHL or Fifa do