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NBA 2K18 The future of sports career modes has arrived, allowing you to play the game the way you like. Build your career in NBA games, hit the courts in The Playground Park, join the Pro-Am circuit, or explore the shops and venues in an all-new open neighborhood setting. Featuring new MyPLAYER upgrade and endorsement systems, our biggest cast of characters to date including NBA players, and so much more.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2463
Genre Sports, Team, Basketball, Sim
Company / Developer
2K Games / Visual Concepts
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NBA 2K18 reviews ( 6 )

ILikeBosch, Sep 21, 2017

It's a good game, but it's fraught with imbalances. The shooting, layup, and dunking systems need considerable tweaks off the bat. This is a serious blow against the potential of the game because you will struggle out of the gate as a 60 overall being thrust into PRO difficulty from the get-go. To overcome all of that with a slightly broken scoring system is tough to swallow. Wide open threes, as a three-point specialist, hardly ever drop. I've never dunked in an open lane, despite regularly dunking in practice. Layups have a timer for some reason that is not visible with a shot bar that you'd have with regular shot attempts. You can mess up wide open scoring in all kinds of ways if you put your mind to it. Rookie difficulty is also gone for some reason, so you better figure out how to score or you're going to ride the bench a lot. Not all is lost, though. The team play mechanics are excellent this year. I never played 2k17, but the movement, pace, and feel of the gameplay of this game is rather dynamic and smooth. As you level your overall rating, you do feel improvements in your player's abilities, so I foresee a slew of MyCareer MVPs when they all suddenly knock down every shot they've been putting up the entire season once patches drop. I won't even touch the online portions. I don't like to play Park, usually because 2K's servers are notoriously, and historically, unreliable. They've been experiencing severe lag and spiking, sometimes even freezing, on all platforms since release. Not surprising. MyTeam and MyGM are garnering favorable reviews from those particular diehards in the 2K communities. This could be a really great game with some tuning and tweaking that might be achievable by release time if 2K stopped releasing a new game every 365 days. Luckily, I haven't had my player deleted like so many XBONE users have reported, but 2K is starting to respond by restoring characters, patching things like expensive haircuts (don't get me started), and generally trying to encourage constructive feedback. There are a lot of angry hoopers out there - I hope they can be appeased, because I'm liking the game with all its flaws, and I want to love it before they start pushing 2k19.

superdodo58, Jan 24, 2018

MyCareer is even more frustrating and slow paced, IA is cheated 1 game out of 2 (like the Magic having 70%FG with almost only contested shots, makes me willing to murder my entire neighborhood). Felt less fun than 2K17 in general. Not buyin 2k19 unless some interesting changes. which one ? Don't care, not my job. *I'm still f**** angry while writing this* And I won't talk in details about the VC system. People already said it's **** too and they're daaaaamn right.

TerraTorment, Sep 22, 2017

We're getting really sick of virtual currencies and microtransactions in premium games. These are features that used to be free that they are now charging exorbitant amounts of money for to an audience that frequently includes children.

Tenacidad963, Oct 13, 2017

Es un abuso de las empresas poner micropagos para todo. Se fijan en los usuarios que no se informan por x motivos que aun son miles. El próximo juego vendrá con otra aberración más. In English: It is an abuse of companies to put micropayments for everything. They focus on users who are not informed by x reasons that are still thousands. The next game will come with another aberration.

ff7rule, Sep 23, 2017

Pay 2 win microtransaction simulator. 2k games are greedy money whores. Worst NBA 2kXX game ever? Also the devs tried to influence The Sixth Axis to remove their low review score. Oh how low they've sunk.

BPC, Sep 24, 2017

In what universe is this okay? No, really, what? I've seen games with a business model like this. Hell, I spent hundreds of hours on a game with a business model like this. The difference? That game was free to download, more rewarding, and less greedy than this. Honestly, who thought this was a good idea? I'm kind of at a loss here. The game may be well-built, but unless you're the kind of person who thinks that "whale" is a nice thing to be, please, for the love of god, do not support this. Do not tell 2K games, "It's okay to charge 60 bucks for a game that simultaneously demands constant microtransactions and "pay to win". This is not okay. Don't accept this.