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NBA 2K19 NBA 2K celebrates 20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be. NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 65
Genre Arcade, Sports, Team, Basketball, Sim
Players Up to 10
Company / Developer
2K Games / Visual Concepts
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NBA 2K19 reviews ( 7 )

soswa84, Sep 12, 2018

Very good game. The best sports sim I've ever played. I really enjoy GM mode and to see how far it's come over the last few games is really amazing. Those worried about micro transactions just don't play the online modes.

joediamond369, Sep9, 2018

NBA 2k19 is actually a good basketball game, and I hated NBA 2k19. There's issues with every release so thankfully I haven't had any yet, but if you love cheese and just jacking up shots all day and not playing defence, your gonna hate NBA 2k19, because everyone hates playing with you probably. Everything's proportioned, everything, the animations are extremely smooth this year, the defensive controls are extremely beefed up this year, now your rewarded for good positioning with steals, at the cost of alot of fouls and gambles but the revamped post game alone is a treat to play with. The only frustration i've experienced has mostly come from the lack of knowing all the controls yet, the modes look really deep this year. Just experimenting with the GM modes, they have mentorships this year, which means on our team someone can teach another player up to 3 or their own badges. So Leonard can teach his defence and picket pocket to Valanciunas, while Lowry can teach his floor general and deep range shooting to Leonard etc. There's the odd glitch but nothing that really takes away from the gameplay as a whole. MyCareer could use an easier mode with way less VC earned or something, because it is somewhat difficult if your not a baller, but thats mostly because the game is so customizable it's hard to know how to set up the game how you want. You don't have to time layups this year if you don't want to, just jumpshots or post shots, the storyline is an actual dark side of the entertainment industry that breaks the gimmicky mold of last years game. While the face scan needs lots of light, it's worth it because you can customize your own face even further to whatever you want, really making things interesting. the Mypark level is now a giant square that looks great at night, haven't done alot of online yet. Online will change every month though so it's hard to say. Things feel more like you can choose your own destiny as opposed to being stuck in the square the 2k engine puts you in,. The graphics are top notch, and very efficient. Using my computer to play on my TV, it starts to feel like your actually in a basketball game. While the price tag is steep for this version, if you want a good character like early, i'm actually glad I spent over $100 on steam because this feels like how Assassin's Creed went with Origins and it's probably one of the coolest gaming experience's i've had yet, as I could never realistically put myself in a story in a game like this that looks so real. There will be plenty of reviews for the negative parts i'm sure, so i'm mostly going over the positive parts, for the 20th year, they've named the character AI after Allen Iverson, as well as basing the story on Andre Ingram from last year, introducing almost Boss characters as you fight your way to the NBA. The 100k VC you get gets you to about 75ish OVR depending on your build, but it's the right amount for your average rookie rating. Alot of things are free this year or cheaper than last, and the difficulty boosts make for balanced earnings. I chose a good team in the Raptors and less playing time knowing I can play alot better with better teammates, but you could also say choose Phili or LA and take more money. Or you could negotiate with the team, which could also piss them off if you get selfish. Best of all, it's possible to make 100% of wide open greens this year. You can play passing lanes, cut people off, it's actually hard to just block unless you have good position. The up on the right stick for shot contest is a little hard to get used to, but it's a fluctuating balance as opposed to the random chaotic nature that was 2k18. I would download the prelude and give it a try, it's free at least, and you can experience the game.

portaprat, Sep8, 2018

Surpassing my expectations, NBA 2K19 (PC) is a very well-rounded game, especially in comparison to the previous NBA 2k18. The new MyCareer story is top-notch and is vastly improved over the other past attempts, as it introduces an amazing story of a wanna-be NBA all-star fighting his way through the G and D-leagues and tough situations to fulfill his NBA dreams. It has well-rounded character development and good set pieces that make it feel like more than just a gimmick. On the other side, MyPark and ProAM are better than ever. MyPark introduces new features and parks, as well as some new cosmetics and tools. On my PC, the game ran perfectly fine with my GTX 1060 3GB and i5 7400, despite the odd stutter here and there. This is a very solid addition the NBA 2K franchise and shows once again that Visual Concepts are capable of much more than yearly copy and pastes of the same game.

Petrik87, Dec 26, 2018

Sry but It is trash. I play NBA games almost 15 years (both NBA Live and NBA 2K) and Im very dissappointed this year. You practicaly cant hit open looks even with great players like Curry, Durant, James, etc.. AI of your players is totaly stupid. Opponents AI easily come under your basket and dunks while your players are standing and doing nothing. In offense It is actualy worse. Because your PF and C stay on the three point line doing nothing with the rest of your team, So if you dont play any action then they remain stationary which is total bullsh**.

lex19, May2, 2019

Worst servers in gaming history. I got disconected for like 30 games in row and yes my net is fine i can play any other game online without any problems, its even worse that after every crash game keep saying me to check my connection even tho its perfectly fine and its their fault. They got so much money over years but greedy bastards refuse to invest some money in to servers

Tenacidad963, Sep 12, 2018

En el videojuego de 2K19 se observa lo mismo que en el del año pasado. Todo se logra con microtransacciones a pesar de que se paga como un triple A. En vez de vender el producto con todo incluido te obligan a pagar para no tener que jugar por horas, que a la larga se hacen semanas. Aun con la edición de aniversario lo que te venden no es la experiencia de juego, sino la emoción de comprar por partes todo el contenido. Incluso, uno de los productores del equipo de desarrollo dice que la gran mayoría de jugadores de videojuegos no tienen paciencia para jugar y por eso ponen las microtransacciones. Sin embargo, en Steam para PC el NBA 2k18 tiene una clasificación de mayormente negativos. In English In the video game of 2K19 the same thing is observed as in the one of last year. Everything is achieved with microtransactions despite being paid as a triple A. Instead of selling the product with all-inclusive you are forced to pay for not having to play for hours, which eventually become weeks. Even with the anniversary edition, what they sell to you is not the gaming experience, but the excitement of buying all the content in parts. Even one of the producers of the development team says that the vast majority of video game players have no patience to play and that is why they put microtransactions. However, in Steam for PC the NBA 2k18 has a rating of mostly negative.

The_Jerz77, Sep 12, 2018

Welp, for some reason Metacritic deleted my user review for the PC version of NBA 2K19, so here it is again. After 2K18's debacle people were hoping Take Two had learned their lesson. Unfortunately, the only gripe people made about last years game that 2K has listened to is that they made MyCareer cutscenes skippable. All the other complaints fell on deaf ears. Microtransactions are back again and just as blatant as ever. You won't get very far with your character unless you throw all your money at 2K to get that sweet, sweet VC (Virtual Currency to some, Virtual Cancer to most sane people). 2K has already tried stealth nerfing what XP you can get without paying extra, so be really careful of this. The MyCareer story is not as bad as last years. You start out in the CBA and end up in the G-League. Not gonna go any further than that to avoid spoilers but rest assured, there's nobody like B-Fresh in this one. Animations are all pretty much the same from last years, and the same glitches as a result. Playing Online on PC is still a hacker and cheater paradise. Apparently 2K doesn't believe in adding anti-cheat to PC. For those of us who only play single player, MyLeague is back and so are all of the issues it had last year. Since MyLeague isn't the money maker, I expect none of those to get fixed. All in all, this is just a $60-$100 roster update. Stealth nerfs to XP in MyCareer: And now stealth nerfs to XP in MyTeam: