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NBA 2K9 Improved facial and skin textures, better uniforms, improved eye movement and more realistic crowd reactions bring the game alive like never before. Analyst Clark Kellogg and sideline reporter Cheryl Miller join color commentator Kevin Harlan to create one of the most knowledgeable broadcast teams in the game. End each quarter with enhanced, multiple angle replay highlights, and be rewarded like never before with all-new, true-to-life celebration sequences after you capture the NBA championship. [2K Sports]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1301
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Basketball, Sim
Company / Developer
2K Sports / Visual Concepts
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NBA 2K9 reviews ( 3 )

MadMalc, Feb 22, 2009

I played the demo on steam and was pleasently surprised to see the game converted so well to PC by 2KSports (note Mr Moore and EA!). What can I say? What an excellent conversion, very smooth framerates and high quality graphics with amazing sound. Probably the best arcade sports game available on the PC and hopefully 2K will convert Topspin and others at this quality! Also a bargain price what are you waiting for? Buy. Superb.

makelite, Dec 1, 2008

Make no mistake, i happily sold my 360 when the pc version of nba 2k9 finally landed on my lap. Words can do little to capture the injustice that my friends and i felt when we couldnt get a reasonable frame rate on the cameras that we liked to hoop with on the 360 version (2k or Drive). We ended up having to settle for playing on broadcast only because the framerate was at least stable. Well, my prayers have been answered! Sure, I'm running sli 280 gtx, but from what Ive read in forums plenty of peeps have this game running flawlessly on much less spec'd systems. The graphics on this game put the 360 version to shame, and because the framerate is so stable, the gameplay quality also soars. I hope EA can see what it means for a company to actually show some respect to the pc game market. Playing crippled versions of Live over the years is what drove me to picking up a 360 in the first place. EA, you shall reap what you sow- I would spend more time with your chastisement but in pretending that Everythings Alright you shall bury yourself! Pros: - the graphics on a decent spec'd system are beautiful to say the least- enuff to bring dick vitale back to the pro game baby! 1920x 1200, 8xaa, player detail on ultra high so the jerseys flow like fluid- ps3 and 360 fan boys seriously step off because you know your soft! - its 2k9 and plays as such - amazing soundtrack...danger doom and gnarls barkley r just a few jewels that grace this game with their musical genius Cons: - buttons on the logitech dual action dont reflect the changes one makes within the layout menu...this means that direct passing has the wrong button/player combination - a buggy main menu sometimes screeches to a halt ...this really makes no sense since the game runs flawlessly (some forums have reported this being a usb keyboard issue) conclusion: the greatest basketball ever produced is on PC... forget King James, this is King 2k9.

caligula_king, Oct 3, 2015

Realmente un NBA 2K genial , es como todos los juegos del baloncesto pero con modos diferentes como el callejero y muchos otros y la jugabilidad es muy buena . Es el típico juego para jugar con los colegas y disfrutarlo