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Necropolis NECROPOLIS is a blend of third-person action and procedural dungeon-delving. And perma-death. Adventure alone or with up to three friends in a magical deathtrap that reconstructs itself each time you play. Will you find the exit, or die trying?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1624
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Harebrained Schemes LLC / Harebrained Schemes LLC
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Necropolis reviews ( 7 )

Twotricks, Sep 9, 2016

Rogue meets Tron This is how I would title my review of this fantastic roguelike game that oozes with style. Also would add that this is one of most unfairly reviewed games I ever encountered. Perhaps on same level as Alpha Protocol or Vampire:Bloodlines was smashed by game sites and reviewers, but are now considered cult classics. In any case, this is the game that takes best from Roguelike genre and fuses it with Dark Souls (like) gameplay. It is very very heavy on labyrinthine gameplay, so if you enjoy wondering trough huge labyrinths this game is a treat. The combat gameplay is not as good as Dark Souls, and in my opinion it was one of the letdowns that led to bad reviews - but DS sets the bar very high and this game is different. Other reason for some bad reviews is apparent repetitiveness. But what people dont realize is that everything in game is random generated - so you can come with super exciting levels or few sessions with completely same environments - or you can play forever and somehow never see that one map. In any case there is recognition crisis concerning this game, because its so different from what people are used too. And this is reason for some peoples disappointment. Bottom line - If you like roguelike games - This is hands down best 3D real time combat rendition of the genre. A fantastic game and must have. Cons: Combat is not as good as Dark Souls Would benefit from more weapon types and armors Pros: Fantastic art style and music Great one of the kind atmosphere ( Tron meets Diablo ) Best 3D roguelike on the market

frankie-Z, Jul 17, 2016

It's a random generated dungeon game . It's not Dark Souls and thats fine's there's lots of weapons and armor loot with enough variation to keep it fun , the story is cloudy and comes in buts and pieces , it's not important but it's fun to follow the story and try to figure out the lore the combat is fun , not serious , the co-op is great , it's even better if you set up a chat with mic running in back ground , the game doesn't have voice chat option so you have to set one up with you're team mates outside of the game . there's little to no learning curve so anyone can play and do OK . I play with a joy pad I can't comment on keyboard/mouse controls because I prefer joy-pad for this game . controls are very easy to learn , there's a couple of dispersal attacks but the button combos are simple to master , overall a very fun solid co-op that you can play with people of varying skill levels and still have a blast , this is a great summer game that you can play with friends or co-op and make new online friends .. there's team damage friendly fire but PvP is not really something you want to do in this game as death is final if the entire party dies that's a rap it's game over , but that's ok because of the casual nature of the game-play starting over is not frustrating it's just part of the game ,, overall it's a well thought out casual dungeon hack and slash with enough depth to keep you interested and easy enough not to scare off casual players .

Mighty56577, Jul 12, 2016

Traptuss 77 produtos na conta 5 análises Recomendado 0.4 horas registradas Publicada: 12 de julho finished the first lvl easy. wait for elevator to go into the second lvl and get one shot by a random enemy that jumped on me from the elevator. 10/10 would be jumpscared again. UM ALÔ AE PROS MEGANINJAS WELLINGTON VIADAO hehe

Keylowe, Jul 15, 2016

Necropolis felt to me like Dark Souls (Combat) and Journey (Aesthetics) had a Rogue-Like love child. Its silly and immersive presentation was probably its strongest point. Enemy design was interesting and entertaining with a few nice surprises. I was glad to see a progression system build in, I did find myself wishing they better explained what each rune and item does though. I could not find any friends brave enough to spend $30 on a mixed review game, so I unfortunately cannot report on the multiplayer portion, which I suspect was supposed to be a big part of the game considering where they placed the invite buttons (right in front of your face in the options menu). I enjoyed Necropolis, I found it scratched that itch I've been having to play a FromSoft title (still waiting for that Bloodborne 2 announcement!) My only major issues with the game was its repetitive nature and the lack of boss battles, since in my opinion, boss battles are always my favourite moments. This game will not be for everyone, some will find it too easy, while others will find its frustratingly difficult for unfair reasons. In my personal experience with the game, if you take your time, and engage the enemy in smart ways, you will have little difficulty (the tried and true method of completing any FromSoft title). If more content is released in the future, I will definitely be stepping back into the Necropolis.

surfacepatterns, Jul 19, 2016

I read a critical review for Necropolis that said, in part, that Necropolis suffers from "a crisis of variety". I find that particular phrase provides a lot of insight into Necropolis. Some examples: * Once I found a combat style I was comfortable with, I was able to get through the entire game with that combat style. Nearly every enemy fell for it because the AI (or lack thereof) is completely predictable. * The visuals in the first seven levels are the same with slightly different colors. * I saw *so* many Tier 0 and 1 weapons and armor dropped by enemies that I eventually just stopped checking, knowing that the chests and shopkeepers were much more likely to have better weapons and armor. * The item descriptions all try to be witty in some fashion. Some of the descriptions *are* actually funny, but most of the humor isn't effective because there's *so* much of it. Same with the quips by the "narrator", and the scrawling on the walls. The combat is Souls-ish, I guess. The buttons mostly do what you'd expect if you've played a Souls game. However, the combat should have been way better. Demon's Souls came out in 2009, and had (and still has) some of the most amazing combat to ever appear in a video game. For a game that openly claims Souls influence, Necropolis could of (and should of) done a lot better in this department, especially given the four (or five, if you also include Dark Souls 2) fantastic From Software games that do combat well. A lot of players claim this game is difficult. It's not. I did a solo play-through, and not once was I in danger of dying. If you find the game difficult, either you're too impatient, or your play-through was *drastically* different than my play-through. Maybe I've just been spoiled by the Souls games. The AI is awful. Enemies sometimes get stuck on objects and just run in place. Enemies at slightly higher elevations than you won't come down to fight you. Sometimes, enemies turn their back on you and forget that you're there, even if you zap them with a wand multiple times. Most enemies have one or two attacks, neither of which changes what you might do to evade whatever enemy you happen to be fighting. You can get enemies to hit each other easily, and that's not even including the fact that some enemies will go out of their way to fight other enemies. The last fight in the game is disappointing. I can't say much about the last fight without spoiling the game for others, so I'll just leave it at that. The 10th level isn't a level. Pretending it's a level is an insult to the players. The game froze six or seven times during my play-through. I played the game on a Mac. I don't know if that's a factor or not. There was nothing I could pick out that caused the game to freeze. It seemed to freeze under a variety of circumstances. I expect the developers will fix those freezes in future patches. Not everything about Necropolis was bad; otherwise, I wouldn't have played through the entire 18-hour play-through. I tend to like games that have Souls-like qualities, and this had enough Souls-like qualities to keep me interested. I almost quit during levels six and seven, but level eight was different enough that I was able to persevere until the end. I'm glad I persevered, but not glad enough to recommend this game to anyone.

BunnyTuttle, Jul 15, 2016

Sadly, game got repetitive really fast. Monsters feels and play the same. Sometimes while exploring monsters will re-spawn from a room you already cleared. Codex, Colors, and dungeon crawling with friends are the things that might keep you playing. Codex, are in a weird spot, some is due to writing and others to being "flat". Colors are just colors. Playing with friends ,well since the game is around 30$ currently. There are certainly better rogue-like games, and more games worth that price. Also make sure if you are buying the GOG version if it has support for multiplayer as for the time of your purchase.

vortexsylph, Jul 13, 2016

Let me start by saying I was very excited for this. I love the graphics. Unfortunately, there is not nearly enough content and the difficulty is ridiculous, but not organically so like dark souls. Dark souls requires you to actually learn enemy attack patterns and really work around the difficult of the game. This game just throws 10-20 mobs at you and has them spawn in behind you and all around you. Cleared a room? Nope, 10 more enemies spawn in. Now, this wouldn't really be an issue except for the fact that it is so tedious. A very small amount of enemies, all handled the same way. A small selection of weapons which seem, in my mind, to all do the same thing. Don't buy it, at least right now. If they actually put more effort in and add (a lot) of additional content, it will be worth your time and money. Right now, it is just monotone drone.