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Need for Speed One of the first things you’ll notice when tackling the front of your car is the ability to modify your stance. Whether you are changing the ride height by slamming it to the ground, raising it up, or anything in between, you choose your perfect ride height. Throw in options for rake and both front and rear track width, and you’re on your way to creating something truly unique. Suspension tuning is finished up with your camber. With the angle on both the front and rear wheels being set independently you’ve got the ability to create some truly out of this world looking cars. The PC version has new features, including unlocked framerate with 4K resolution, manual transmission, and steering wheel support for a selection of steering wheels.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3243
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Ghost Games
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Need for Speed reviews ( 7 )

Skillzaa135, Mar 15, 2016

Huehue hue hue hueee hueee heue, this is the best nfs I've played in the years, I don't know why people voting negative for this game, because this game has nothing that is bad, everything about this game is good, unless ur hater or something that's why ur voting negative for this game, such a shame

Luka0101998, Jun 25, 2016

Buying the game this month.Just can`t wait to drive. 10/10 Ghost games made NFS amazing again! One of the best racing games in a long time that really make a difference to other racing games such as Forza Horizon,Juiced 2...

SirFrolo, Jun 8, 2016

First off, IT IS NOT ALWAYS ONLINE It is very easy to go offline in settings people. But, to start off, the characters and the VRM cut-scenes are just **** cheesy. Like, bad. Not even funny by being bad, it's just **** cringe. Other than that, the car customization is a blast, Racing is a blast, Competitions can be challenging and fun, Over all, there were a few annoying moments,, but other than that an all around alright game. WARNING: While playing this on my other lower end pc, I've noticed that if you have a quad core AMD processor, the frostbite engine is too much for it, the same thing for there last game. While playing on that pc, you can fall through the map, completely failing any competition or race you are currently in. If you do have a slow processor, i really would not recommend this purchase, because you will be frustrated. But if you have a good CPU u good.

Yoghurt4C, Dec 6, 2016

I'm sick and tired of this game. I've clocked 26 hours into it and MAN does it take a dive (not even a dive, more like a straight down fall) in quality around 10 hours in. Don' even try to play it on an HDD. You're going to fall under the terrain every other race. The loading times are just atrocious. Thanks denuvo! Driving physics are retarded and the controls are floaty and unresponsive - this feels like "what if mario kart had a 1,5 second selay on every input". The crash """"feature"""" doesn't help, because on higher speeds every bump has a 75% chance to send you into 4 seconds - 2 MINUTES of waiting for the game to put you back on the road. Disgusting. This game is insultingly bad, and if you ignore the flaws it's actually great! ...Too bad you can't ignore them because you're reminded how bad the game is every second of playing it!

alpm, May 27, 2016

I read several reviews and I couldn't believe EA would mess this big on this game. I deeply regret buying this. It is an always online game, restarting an event can only be done if you haven't finished it yet, when you restart it simply takes you to the racing event point on the map. The cut-scenes are dull and, man, bad, simply bad. Did they forgot the glorious physics from Most Wanted, Underground and Carbon? Seems like it. The menu and controls are something out of this earth bad. They simply ditched the mouse, why!? For PC, at least, this game is a complete waste of money. Well, it is pretty, the sound track is great, but they really messed up on the rest. Long story short: pretty game with zero to none usability in mind.

tomaats, May 19, 2016

A dumpster fire of incompetence. A huge disapointment. Just go play forza horizon 1. Even the CREW is better. Underground 2 and MW 2005 are much more fun. Good points: the graphics are good, but nowhere near as great as in the screenshots some nice choice of cars great sound cheesy, but fun cutscenes Bad points: The handling is just **** The cars are zero fun to drive. Also drifting is obligatory. Grip setup? go **** yourself to the last place and nothing more. Without the drift stability assist the driving is even more god awful. The cops are useless. No joke, they are not a threat. The **** handling is more of a threat. The car customization is bollocks. The 240sx has some, the rest is 1 or 3 at max options. The rim choice is good though. The AI opponent rubber banding is terrible. I dont even want to think what it was before the supposed patches. No sense of progression- the game just flails around. Forgettable city. All the bends are the same. This game is a waste of money. Its just plain bad. It might be okay if it was made some 3rd rate dev at a 3rd world country jungle clearing, but no, ghost games had the money, and they have the skill somewhere, but this game is just a ****ing piece of **** DO NOT BUY IT. DO NOT BUY IT. **** EA.

alex21px, Dec 16, 2017

ALWAYS ONLINE Terrible story, caracters and cutscenes in between gameplay. SKIP SKIP and SKIP. Never cared about any of the characters after the intro, they got boring after a minute ALWAYS ONLINE Cars handle like lorries or school buses, with very little to distinguish them. Older titles did it better ALWAYS ONLINE Rubber-band AI, in 2015... ALWAYS ONLINE Night time only. Older titles, aka MW2012 had night and day, but it has been a while since the NFS franchise has shown any progress from one game to another than better graphics. ALWAYS ONLINE No pause key. HAIL PROGRESS!!! ALWAYS ONLINE Loading times. ALWAYS ONLINE EA ALWAYS ONLINE Seriously now, It's hard to imagine that older and wonderfull NFS titles from 10 years ago and beyond share the same name than this... thing. If NFS Payback is half as bad as this one this franchise is dead