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Neo Cab Stay human in a world overcome by automation. Play as Lina, one of the last human driver-for-hire on the streets of Los Ojos. Your friend and only lifeline has gone missing; with no money and nowhere to stay, the only thing you can do is keep driving.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 53
Genre Adventure, General
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Chance Agency / Chance Agency
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Neo Cab reviews ( 7 )

vault2wasteland, Nov5, 2019

This game has a really pleasing art and game style and the quirky conversations you have with your passengers are surprisingly engaging. The trick is in choosing the most appropriate response for each passenger in order to get a good rating for the trip versus other considerations such as your mood (displayed on your 'feelgrid') which can limit your options or play to your advantage My play time was about 6.5 hours on my first run through Just finished my second play through in 6 hours and got an alternate ending from making a variety of different choices. Choices you make in the game will influence conversations later on I really like this game and the passenger characters (even the not so nice or difficult ones) Would definitely play a sequel

KlingonGamerYT, Mar 28, 2020

a cyberpunk cabbie in this taxi sim come chat story driven epic will grab you tons of branching dialogue and chocies to be had replayabilty is a factor and you can revisit it pick other people up in the game as your chices drive the game to its end the music art are very nicely done and the stories go down ta certain path to a swift conclusion then you start all over again i didn't mind this i did feel like the cab mechanics could be better as that kind sucked but hey it was different so i applaud that all in all playing the switch and PC versions i had a blast gets a 9

TheGameIsALie, Oct 15, 2019

Neo Cab é um jogo que traz vários questionamentos interessantes sobre precarização do trabalho, automação, controle social por meio da tecnologia, uso de dados e, principalmente, como se manter humano em um monopólio sobre um capitalismo desgovernado. A execução é questionável, mas pra quem gosta de jogos narrativos, vale a pena conferir.

ShinoSeven, Oct7, 2019

TLDR: The writing is great, the setting and the music are also great. However, some of the mechanics (namely the FeelsGrid system and the entire cab system) are underdeveloped. It gets worse when by reaching the end you are forced down a path that doesn't always seem logical with your choices in-game up to that point, as if the ending is dictated solely on the last conversation you have and not the entire experience. The FeelsGrid system is mostly infuriating as most of the time you will be given 3 or even 4 conversation choices but the game refuses to let you pick the choices you want to and forces you down a path because of your character's emotional state. A better option would have been to not show the other choices as options and instead limit the number of choices to the one you are actually allowed to take. The mechanics of the cab system work fine but could have been better developped. You are allowed a maximum of 3 fare per night but are also allowed to go to bed early after 2 rides. As far as I can tell it's pointless to go to bed early as you mostly end up shortening the lenght of the game. Of course you could tank your star rating by picking up a bad fare or could end up having to spend more money and potentially leaving you short changed. However, I never came close to running out of money and the rating system is very easy to recover if you end up getting a few bad reviews. I would have preferred a system where if you get to bed early, you get to complete 1 extra ride the next day. The rides are where the game shines the most and it's a shame that you end up missing on many new characters along the way by being limited to only 3. Especially since most of the characters have follow up stories on following nights, so you end up mostly picking the same passengers over and over to get to know more about them (and thus missing out on potential new stories from new characters). The game is also fairly short (at around 4h) but thankfully the price point is also on the lower side (about 15$). Finally, very few bugs, some popping issues due to a low draw distance (probably to accommodate an iOS/Android release). All in all, it is a good product but flawed for sure. If you are a fan of game set in a cyberpunk-y universe, then definitely check it out.

Gelaos, May1, 2020

The cyberpunk-ish setting and conversations with passengers are great. But the story, while engaging at first, is overall pretty weak and the ending is underwhelming. The emotion-bracelet which limits responses that can be made during conversation is a stupid game mechanic. Other things (selecting hotels to sleep in, customer ratings, bank account) aren't bad, but because the game is about 5 hours long they're pretty much pointless. Also, I'd appreciate free drive mode because limit of only 3 passengers per night causes that lots of characters and conversations are missed. NeoCab is overall a good, however underdeveloped, game.

PEnchan707, Dec 22, 2019

Wow, what a waste of time. A choice laden story like this relies on you slowly building up to a wonderful finale. It's partly about the journey but the end is the big pay off. However, when the game concludes, you don't really get to choose anything and seemingly nothing you've done up to that point matters, all because of an obtuse/unintuitive gameplay mechanic. It just makes the whole experience feel shallow, frustrating and pointless. To make matters worse, the game has some confusing 'inner dialogue' that seemingly wants to guide you but can actually do the exact opposite. If they had nailed the ending, then it'd be closer to a 6/10. As it is, I was actually angry I'd played. The ending is simply filled with nonsensical decisions, irrational reactions, far-fetched motivations and just lots of dialogue and drama that make no sense whatsoever. Even after all the drama is finished and you're in the epilogue, the game still won't give you the satisfaction of being your own person. It's bizarre. If I'd had my own 'mood bracelet' on, it'd have burned so red it would have exploded :s

Muyrka, Mar 17, 2020

Really slow, repetitive and boring game. Story is weak and you lose will to play at approx 1/3 of the game. I've finished it but was very disappointed.