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NEO Scavenger NEO Scavenger takes place in a near-future, post apocalyptic Earth, where human warfare and supernatural activity have fragmented mankind into struggling pockets of civilization. Harsh wilderness and blasted ruins cover most of the planet, dotted by fragile settlements that can be extinguished in an instant. A few cities survived the apocalypse, evolving into massive, ultra-urban fortresses. Other areas have become so devastated that even to this day, the only inhabitants are the ghosts of the past.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1681
Genre Sci-Fi, Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
Blue Bottle Games / Blue Bottle Games
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NEO Scavenger reviews ( 7 )

LoneWolfOmega, Dec 31, 2015

I would not usually rate a game a 10, but thinking back on my 100 hours of playtime, I do not remember thinking a single bad thing about this game. The combat system is my favorite of any game.

TheIndieHut, Jan 7, 2015

The combat in this game is not "atrocious" nor is the UI, it takes some learning but once you get into it, it's a real hard survival sim! It's also actually a roguelike as it meets all of the specifications. I love the setting, post apocalyptic Michigan is a great and haunting place to wander about while killing people with a rock for their rag shoes. I don't want to drag this review on and on, but I REALLY love the game. Go get it!

fredgoat, Jul 14, 2014

As a true roguelike, this game will maul your face with a shiv made from broken glass and you'll die shivering in a moldy cabin. If that doesn't appeal to you, you won't like this game. If you want merciless realism, a baroque crafting system, and handy advice on surviving the apocalypse with nothing but some pieces of a shopping cart and a shiv made from broken glass, you'll love this thing. This is not Fallout 3. In Fallout 3 you craft electrorifles out of bubblegum. In this you're lucky to craft a piece of string. You will literally craft broken glass into smaller pieces of broken glass. Among the top ten games I've ever played. Similar To: Arcanum Don't Starve Gnomoria Okay, kinda maybe the Fallout series.

BerryTime, Oct 1, 2015

This is an incredibly detailed and well-polished game considering its low asking price of 15$. It has a stunningly deep storyline for those who wish to follow it, with multiple side-quests, plenty of mystery and intrigue, and a truly satisfying end for those who have the patience, skill, and fortitude to actually complete the game. While it may be a bit hard to pick up and seem brutally unforgiving at first, NEO Scavenger is artfully crafted to reward the player for learning, adapting, and trying over and over and over. With no leveling system or exp points, the only way to truly get better at the game is to learn and practice, and so when you're able to survive past a week for the first time, it's truly rewarding, and only makes you want more. Sure, the game could be more realistic in some small ways, and yes the permadeath does make uncovering the story ark difficult, but whether you're playing to survive and conquer the wasteland or to find out who you really are, there's no denying the beauty this game has. Along with the game's own attributes, the fommunity is incredibly active and tight-knit as a result of the depth and challenge of the game. There are some very well-developed mods and even a gorgeous walking-dead-style texture pack in the works. I would highly recommends this if you love survival games, but if you're impatient or looking for some quick fun, this probably isn't your game.

JonathanFenton, Jan 4, 2015

Funny enough about a year ago I was talking to my friend about how cool a true survival game would be. He recommended DayZ and as much as I've enjoyed that game (240 hours) I needed something new. This is a game for certain type of gamer. If you would like a true hardcore survival game this is the choice for you. I have invested 25 hours to this game and I am still finding myself playing this. Many will whine that this game does not push their super rigged computers with impressive graphics but considering this was a game created by one fellow that is forgiveable as the graphics are still good to the eyes. This game will NOT hold your hand. I have played free of wikis and guides and I have found it rewarding to discover new things I can do such as the variety of ways I can make a noise alarm or discovering their is a refuge that well help with all your needs near the middle of the map if you are nice. The biggest gripe I have with this game is the difficulty of this game and the story that comes with it. Their seems to be an 'end game' yet after the hours I have invested it appears I have only discovered the tip of the ice berg. This would be great except for the fact that because this game is so brutal I'll frequently find a new piece of the puzzle only to walk one hex and get shot by some dude running around killing people who have electronic devices on them. Sheesh! Overall I would give this game a buy if this sort of thing sounds interesting to you.

juanval, Feb 2, 2015

Nice game. I like the sense of progression of your character, obtaining clothes, water, medicines while scavenging. I love the stats system: thirst, rest, food, health etc. The crafting system is nice, but very repetitive. Combat is simple but interesting too. The only thing I don't like is the way you die, always frustrating. You think you have all under control after fighting against weather, hunger, foes, etc. and then, a group of enemies appears, you can't flee and they kill you. I miss more information, like damage and range of weapons, how to use some objects, abilities. The manual should be improved. Anyway, a good game to having fun and one of the best rogue-likes I played.

jmhoffer, Jan 12, 2015

From large shopping bags that somehow can only hold a single bag of chips and break while holding light items to needing three litres of water to barely stay satiated (the amount of water you need in a survival situation per day), game is so unrealistic that immersion is impossible to anyone that isn't stupid. Like most survival games, made by morons that know absolutely nothing about survival.