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Never Alone Developed in partnership with the Alaska Native community, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is an atmospheric puzzle platformer that explores the harsh and dynamic world of Alaska Native stories. Delve deeply into the traditional lore of the Inupiat people of the Arctic.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1997
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
E-Line Media / Upper One Games
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Never Alone reviews ( 7 )

zombiechan, Jan 1, 2015

It's a cute little puzzle solving platformer. It's pretty simple game play and has a few bugs but it is a great game to pick up for your kid. The characters are cute and the game has little videos educating about the culture.

Woodness, Nov 28, 2014

Great way of telling a unique story and give information about a culture. While the gameplay is a bit of standard, the way of giving information is wonderful.

Ramshack, Dec 26, 2014

I'm responsible for a poor review written previously, that I would like to take back. There were some glitches in the game that I saw as being major pitfalls, but they were not impossible to get past, merely frustrating. I just beat the game and have since changed my opinion. It's not "unplayable", as I had previously written, my completed play through was proof of that. The main difficulties are not from actual game difficulty level, but slow game response which causes deaths in quick scenes and sometimes the AI will run directly to their death. But aside from that, the game IS playable and very captivating. The characters are lovable and the art style is amazing. The story was also worth playing through.

smilzoboboz, Jun 19, 2016

Not good still not bad either. Mechanics are interesting, concept and story are inspired and enjoyable but there are two strong flaws in my opinion: graphics, which are ok but devs could have done much better with very little effort and the difficulty of the game. About this last one, if you make a game entirely story-driven everyone should be able to appreciate the story, even people that just like to relax and watch/listen while moving their characters on the screen. Towards the end I died 3,4 even five time per "puzzle" disrupting completely the flow of the plot. So, well, the game was too hard for a game with this concept; I don't know if it was done to reach the 3h average gameplay time or what (the game lasts from little less than 2h to little more than 3h total), but that in my opinion was a huge mistake, mostly because, again, it disrupted the pace of the story-telling. In the end the game is still nice and aside from the difficulty, everything else is very interesting, especially the (huge) section of cultural descriptions and insights.

RichiMusha, Nov 19, 2014

Interessant und sehr schön anzusehen aber einige Spielmechaniken sind einfach unbequem und frustierend, was mir komplett den Spaß am Spiel genommen hat. Kann mir außerdem nicht wirklich vorstellen wie das Spiel im Singleplayer ordentlich spielbar sein soll.

Laer, Mar 14, 2017

Un documental camuflado de juego, él cual nos intenta acercar la cultura Iñupiat, un pueblo de alaska. La parte jugarle es al estilo plataformas, donde manejaremos dos personajes, uno controlado por nosotros mismos y otro por la IA/un amigo (modo cooperativo). Está cumple sin llegar a destacar. La duración es corta si la comparamos con otros juegos (casi 3 horas), pero sabiendo lo que quiere contarnos y las características jugarles, es más que suficiente. Quizá un punto bastante malo, y que a mi personalmente me ha molestado, son los bugs, y más según te vas acercando al final que se vuelven mas constantes y molestos. Me he llegado a encontrar con uno que solo se solucionaba saliendo y entrando al juego de nuevo. El juego es curioso, bonito (sin llegar a destacar) y jugablemente del montón, pero nos enseña un poco de una de las ultimas culturas que viven en armonía con la naturaleza. Sin duda es una experiencia cuando menos curiosa y por el camino aprendes algo.

Ne42, Jan 9, 2015

This "game" could possibly be better if it was just a movie or an animation. The only challenge in this game is poor controls and unintuitive puzzles, which often make no sense. The 2 points are only for pretty visauls and movie clips, which are somewhat interesting. Other than that the game itself is zero.