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Neverwinter Nights 2 Neverwinter Nights 2 is the sequel to BioWare Corp.'s best-selling and genre-defining role-playing game set in the popular Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe created by Wizards of the Coast. Neverwinter Nights 2 will be developed by Obsidian Entertainment, founded by Feargus Urquhart who, as the President of Black Isle Studios, was responsible for the publishing of the Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series and the development of the Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment franchises, both powered by BioWare Engine Technology, as well as overseeing the creation and development of the Fallout series. BioWare will provide tools, technology, and game assets from the original Neverwinter Nights as well as lend creative input and oversight to the development process. [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5420
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Players 4 Online
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Obsidian Entertainment

Neverwinter Nights 2 reviews ( 7 )

fathergod, Jun 17, 2011

As close as a RPG can get! Combat can be a little sluggish at times but with patches, that problem clears up. Sadly, developers are making games now where its more hack n slash with a little story.

BenjaminB, Mar 12, 2008

Giving it a 9 mainly because of small crash to desktop issues, else it is a game of neverending joy where one self even can decide the content for eg. mod building, anyhow with all the posibilities you get, then you can really get alot of gameplay out of it as well as lust for creating your own mod for both multiplayer reasons or singleplayer reasons. The Reason to that I do not give it a 10 is mainly because of certain hardware errors that occurs with some video/sound cards that causes you crash to desktop with the option to report an error to windows, those most of the time can be walked around still, but you are in need to know in what to do if you receive an error like this.. For those people giving the score of 1, I would say some of the stuff I have read does not explain or anything constructive said other than eg. talking about another game for then simply flaming away in a way that does not provide any proper feedback.

Volo, Jun 22, 2013

While NWN1 was the true classic, NWN2 did very well. One big downfall was the lack of native Linux support like NWN1 had. This immediately lost half the NWN user base, as most NWN servers ran the Linux version. These were the decent ones too the proper gamers. Obsidian also messed up on the DM Client too. making it worse for DMs. With these big downers to start with, there was a lacklustre reception to this game. Eventually some expansions came out though, making things slightly better.

Wulfburk, Mar 11, 2012

Graphics are good, but animations completely sucks, the story is a little interesting, but the game is full of bugs, the worst control system ever, worst camera modes ever, and really killed the NeverWinter Nights franchise, the first one was so epic and awesome, specially multiplayer, now this one is completely disappointing.

KR, Feb 22, 2007

Forget the critics. Unless high resolution "dungeon dressing" is important to you, this game has nothing to offer that 20 or even 40 other games didn't do better. The plot is linear, the terrain (that you can actually go to) is flat, the camera views are difficult to handle, and practically all the fighting can be left on automatic. (Just attack with a fighter, and let the AI handle spells.) Don't worry about interacting with your environment -- just press "w" and you'll be shown all the things you can interact with. I can't remember one genuine moment of fun or amusement in several hours of play.

JonathanT., Dec 6, 2006

Extremely poor performance from a graphics engine that is less than impressive. Poor character customization choices. Small areas with virtually no exploration and a decidedly linear storyline. In-game GUI is a step backwards from the original... with a clunky right click context menu, and quick bar that lacks the depth of functionality of the original. Not to mention the horrible implementation of the camera controls. Tool set was completely redone... which may or may not be a good thing... feature and power-wise... too hard to to tell with an interface that is impossibly less than intuitive. Its pretty buggy as well. In fact, its hard to find much to like... It's Forgotten Realms D&D is about all I can think of at present.

Methane, Nov 12, 2006

Do NOT buy this game. It seems that every large review website gives it anywhere from a 7-10. Go check out BioWare's forums. The complaint thread was 14 pages loger then the pro's thread on the first day. NWN1 was never intended to be a single player game. It was a game designed to be multiplayer and focused on the toolset. The reason it survived for years as a top-rated game, despite little upgrades on graphics, was because the community was so extremely huge and brought forth HUGE custom content upgrades. People could create their own playable modules online. That factor alone made NWN1 a classic. NWN2 is ALL campaign. For every online game you want to play, you have to download files (manually, from the internet, with no autodownload function). In NWN1, there are 4 modules in the entire campaign. In NWN2, there are 10 (at least). This means no online game can ever be large - ever. They will be restricted to less-then-an-hour watered down scenarios. NWN2 has tons of bugs. Many people say using the toolset is impossible unless you have a huge monitor. Likewise, a lot of people say that NWN2 is a big step backwards. They point out that BG1, over nine years old, has many features that NWN2 lacks. The D&D rule is, "Sometimes, rules can be bent by DMs to improve gameplay." NWN2 sticks *entirely* to D&D rules, ignoring what a lot of people enjoy. Oh, and DMing? If anyone is a DM at all, the most basic functions are left out. Want to give gold? Type it in the Debugger manually. XP or levels? Find some other way to do it then with the interface, because it isn't there. Death penalties? Why, that'll be too hard! Why not just let them respawn 54 times without a single loss of XP? Gold value is nonexistant. You don't travel dungeons to get money, you travel to get items and XP so you don't have to spend the 100k you have on upgrades.